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DP is Planet Bike's resident cargo junkie. If it can be carried or moved by bike, he's tried it.

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New Blood   by dp on Oct 30, 2008   read full blog

We're making some changes around Planet Bike, and we think you're gonna like them.

Team Planet Bike Blog   by dp on Oct 27, 2008   read full blog

With so much going on, we're giving our 'Cross team a little space of its own.

Page Second in Belgium   by dp on Oct 17, 2008   read full blog

Team Planet Bike's Jonathan Page continues his impressive 'cross campaign finishing second in the Kermiscross race in Ardooie, Belgium.

Interbike Wrap Up   by dp on Oct 15, 2008   read full blog

It feels like a year ago, and we've been busy since about a month before it happened, but we've finally put Interbike 2008 to bed.

Page Wins Cheq 40   by dp on Sep 15, 2008   read full blog

As a tune up for the coming Cyclocross season, Planet Bike's Jonathan Page headed up to Hayward, Wisconsin to contest the Chequamegon Fat Tire 40.

Use it, but don't lose it   by dp on Aug 21, 2008   read full blog

I thought of a good way to never lose or forget my tail light again. Heres how:

Get Some!   by dp on Aug 19, 2008   read full blog

The Blaze 1 Watt is in stock now.

A toast to Charlie   by dp on Aug 12, 2008   read full blog

Charles Brigham IV is a friend of Planet Bike's who is slowly making his way around the world via two wheels and his wits.

Editors Choice For Super Set   by dp on Aug 05, 2008   read full blog

When the mail showed up on Monday, we found out that Bicycling Magazine is in to our Blaze/Superflash light set

What Would A Tree Do?   by dp on Jul 29, 2008   read full blog

I stumbled across this image while surfing the web this morning.

A time for fenders   by dp on Jun 13, 2008   read full blog

This June is proving to be a very wet month across the Midwest.

It's Friday!   by dp on Apr 04, 2008   read full blog

I'm all alone in the office and it is really nice outside...

Two Wheeled Way Of Life   by dp on Mar 25, 2008   read full blog

Around here bikes are more than just a way we make a living. Bikes are a way of life.

Big news for our 'Cross Team   by dp on Mar 20, 2008   read full blog

One of the best cross racers in the US, if not the World, Jonathan Page has signed with us for 2008.

Spring is in the air!   by dp on Mar 06, 2008   read full blog

We know spring is on the way because we're starting to get a lot of our new products in stock.

Planet Bike's Jay Ferm in the news   by dp on Jan 22, 2008   read full blog

Jay's work on the the Madison Platinum Bicycle Committee recently got him some attention in the local paper.

What can't you move by bike?   by dp on Jan 16, 2008   read full blog

Check out this video of folks in Portland moving by bike!

Keepin' the pedal on the metal   by dp on Jan 03, 2008   read full blog

Tristan keeps mixing it up with the big guns across the pond.

Tristan in Belgium   by dp on Dec 28, 2007   read full blog

Our main man Tristan Schouten is across the pond currently racing as many 'cross races as he can.

Planet Bike Goes Solar   by dp on Dec 21, 2007   read full blog

We're proud to announce our newest Planet Bike employee; the Sun.

Planet Bike team heads to 'Cross Nats   by dp on Dec 17, 2007   read full blog

The cold and ice can't keep our riders down!

Kind of Spooky   by dp on Nov 15, 2007   read full blog

A friend of ours sent this video...

The Power of the Bicycle   by dp on Oct 30, 2007   read full blog

Ran across this story about World Bicycle Relief on the Internet today

Blaze light in the media   by dp on Oct 25, 2007   read full blog

Lately our Blaze headlight has been getting very popular, and this week it popped up in some national media outlets.

New Aquilo gloves in stock!   by dp on Oct 09, 2007   read full blog

Just in time for 'Cross season, we've taken delivery of our new windproof Aquilo gloves.

Fall is here, and that can mean only one thing!   by dp on Sep 13, 2007   read full blog

It is cyclocross season once again!

TRON Race   by dp on Aug 28, 2007   read full blog

If you are looking for something to do in the Madison area this weekend, and you like 80's films, you might want to check this out.

News You Can Wear   by dp on Aug 07, 2007   read full blog

We've just put our new "Global Cooling Machine" T-Shirts in stock.

24 Hours of 9 Mile   by dp on Aug 02, 2007   read full blog

What's better than camping out, riding bikes and building fires with your friends? Nothing.

New Swag For Your Feet   by dp on Jul 23, 2007   read full blog

Yes, we make blinky lights and fenders, but we've got some soft goods too.

Second City, first rate   by dp on Jun 19, 2007   read full blog

Best City to ride a bike in may not be the first thing you think of when someone mentions Chicago, but maybe it should be.

Busy busy busy   by dp on May 25, 2007   read full blog

It's been a little while, but here is a taste of what's been going on around here.

A Dirt Sweat And Gears Race Report   by dp on May 02, 2007   read full blog

Our man in the field, Lee Unwinn, filed this report after his season opening race.

SlowFastSlow   by dp on Apr 27, 2007   read full blog

It was a pretty slow day around the office until a special visitor showed up

Fast and Furious M-B-M   by dp on Apr 16, 2007   read full blog

With the weather we had over the last week, racers were certainly delighted to find conditions as favorable as they were for Madison-Basco-Madison.

Madison-Basco-Madison an instant classic?   by dp on Apr 10, 2007   read full blog

M-B-M seemed like a good idea when we planned in back in January. We'll see what hand the weather deals us.

Equality amongst the fendered   by dp on Apr 03, 2007   read full blog

Larry Leven from Oly Bikes recounts the epic tale behind the creation of the Cascadia

Is it spring or not?   by dp on Mar 28, 2007   read full blog

It's warm. It's cold. It's sunny. It's rainy. C'mon, can we get one or the other?

Cascadia thoughts, from Cascadia   by dp on Mar 15, 2007   read full blog

Mega-miler Kent Peterson, of Seattle sounds off about our new Cascadia fenders.

While Supplies Last   by dp on Feb 21, 2007   read full blog

The new Cascadia fender and the HID are back in stock, just in time for the spring thaw!

Frost Bike and New Products   by dp on Feb 15, 2007   read full blog

We're headed up to Minneapolis for Frost Bike and we'll have Cascadia fenders soon.

Borealis gloves back in stock   by dp on Feb 05, 2007   read full blog

Just in time for the heart of winter, our Borealis gloves are back in stock.

Wednesday Night Ride   by dp on Feb 01, 2007   read full blog

Bitter cold and dark as the heart of winter is, sometimes the best way to embrace it is to get on your bike and just ride.

Welcome   by dp on Jan 04, 2007   read full blog

The brand spanking new site you are beholding is the result of several months of riding, conceptualizing, planning, riding, taking lots of photos and lately a lot of time in front of the computers.


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