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World Bicycle Relief Commercial   by james on Jul 23, 2010   read full blog

We thought we would share a second video today, heck it is Friday! The folks at World Bicycle Relief have been providing bicycles to underdeveloped regions since 2005. The bicycle donations drastically increase access to "healthcare, education, and development opportunities". The video spot is running now during the Tour de France with 15 air dates.

Cycling Copenhagen Through American Eyes   by james on Jul 23, 2010   read full blog

See one of Streetfilms latest productions following the 2010 Velo-city Conference which was held in Copenhagen this summer.

Robot Stoker   by james on Jul 20, 2010   read full blog

Building a robot as a tandem partner may seem a bit overkill to most of us but not for retired electrical engineer Carl Morgan.

Problem Solvers   by james on Jul 14, 2010   read full blog

The last thing you want to do is snap your derailleur hanger when you're miles from your destination. You may be gluing those new tubular tires a couple of days before the big race and realize your valve stem isn’t long enough to match your new deep carbon rims. Or, you may need a new Shimano center-lock disc brake rotor when all you have lying around is a standard 6-bolt Avid. We’ve all been on our last wit when it comes to bike maintenance and that’s why Problem Solvers has a brand new website for you to browse solutions for bike compatibility. See a necessary part that they don’t offer? Try shooting them a proposal and see if they’ll name it after you.

Bike49 Update   by james on Jul 13, 2010   read full blog

Our friends at Bike49 have been on the road for almost 4 months covering a total of 2,400 miles and have hit 4 of 49 states. They have presented to 12 classes along to way promoting healthy lifestyles for a healthy planet.

5 Minute Friday Photo Contest   by james on Jun 25, 2010   read full blog

Our friend Dave of Over the Bars is hosting a photo contest with an opportunity to win some great prizes. The rules are simple: Take two or three pictures of people riding bikes within a 5 minute period and submit the images to

Planet Bike Endorses   by james on Jun 24, 2010   read full blog

Laplander Roll-up City Bicycle Panniers. We’re constantly seeking out new products to make our commutes more enjoyable. Recently, we came across Laplander, a two-person company in Pennsylvania who designs and hand-makes classic aesthetically pleasing bicycle bags that are good enough for a day of pounding gravel or descending down a mountain pass.

If you’re looking for the newest, most advanced waterproof panniers on the market then look elsewhere. Laplander sticks to the classics by using waxed duck canvas which has been proven for hundreds of years. Each piece of vegetable tanned leather used on the bags is treated for water resistance in house! They even offer a vegan version for you non-bacon eaters out there. Another nice feature is the roll-up style which keeps them out of harm’s way when not in use.

The $195 investment may seem steep at first but when you consider the amount of use they’ll get it’s an investment that will mature beautifully.

6/23   by james on Jun 23, 2010   read full blog

With this week's weather we've been getting our 2010 cyclocross training in sooner than we thought.

NEW Planet Bike K.O.K.O Rack!   by james on Jun 17, 2010   read full blog

Our new K.O.K.O. rack is in our warehouse and ready to ship. The K.O.K.O. Cargo Rack stands for Keep On Keepin’ On, and we designed it to be a utilitarian workhorse while maintaining clean lines and a simplicity of design. Its triple strut, 6061aluminum construction makes it super rigid and light – perfect for touring and commuting. The K.O.K.O. rack helps cyclists expand their horizons by allowing them to carry more and ride farther.

• Fits 26”, 700c, and 29” bikes
• Includes alternate mounting stays for smaller frames
• Pre-installed stainless steel mounting hardware for quick, hassle-free installation
• Flat cargo deck for oversized loads
• Rear light bar works perfectly with our rack light bracket (#3108)
• Load capacity is 55lbs
• Weight is 570g

Bacon on the Bike Path   by james on Jun 14, 2010   read full blog

We had a great turnout last Thursday for our 4th annual Bacon on the Bike Path. 25 pounds of Nueske's Bacon was consumed. Thanks to Willy Bikes, 20 by 2020, Bike Federation of WI, Nueske's Bacon, Just Coffee, Greenbush Bakery, and everyone else that stopped by to enjoy the great day!

Ride to Work with Mayor Dave   by james on Jun 09, 2010   read full blog

Several of us took part in the annual Ride to Work with Mayor Dave event. It kicked off this morning at 8:30 a.m. at Hillington Green and followed the Southwest and Capital City Bike Paths to downtown. The ride ended with a press conference on King and Pinckney. A quick reminder that tomorrow is Planet Bike's 4th Annual Bacon on the Bike Path. The event runs from 7 to 9 a.m. and is located on the Capital City Bike Path near the Broom St. intersection. Join us for Nueske's bacon, Just Coffee Co-op Coffee, Greenbush Donuts, fresh fruit and water!

Ride the Drive   by james on Jun 07, 2010   read full blog

Planet Bike participated in Madison's annual Ride the Drive this past Sunday. The event was the first of two Ride the Drive events that will happen in Madison this summer. About 30,000 riders participated yesterday. Planet Bike had a tent offering water and ping pong. Thank you to everyone that stopped by! If you missed yesterdays event look for the second date which is Sunday, August 29th. Admission is free.

Sprint Finish   by james on Jun 04, 2010   read full blog

Our man Marko made his seasonal debut in the Wisconsin mountain bike scene last Sunday at 9-mile State Forest near Wausau. See the video below of the epic sprint finish between some of Wisconsin's finest Pro riders. Mark is the first one to pass by the camera.

Take your Brat to Work Day   by james on May 28, 2010   read full blog

We rode through the Brat Fest Drive Thru early this morning and didn't feel an ounce of guilt as we spun down the bike lane past the long line of cars. We were greeted by the friendly folks from 20 by 2020 who provided the first 50 cyclists with a free brat and t-shirt!

  by james on May 26, 2010   read full blog

Our friends at Bike 49 set out on the road earlier this month. The crew of five will be bicycling to 49 of the 50 United States in one continuous 15,000 mile trip. Along the way they will be speaking to Elementary and High School students about bicycling, healthy lifestyles, and sustainable solutions, as well as filming a documentary and writing travel pieces for Adventure Cyclist Magazine and Momentum.

Spok Versatility   by james on May 17, 2010   read full blog

It can never hurt to have an extra light on your bike. We've come up with some alternate mounting options for our Spok lights. Don't feel you have to limit it to our suggestions though. You can get as creative as you'd like.

Bicycle Rush Hour   by james on May 11, 2010   read full blog

Does your rush hour look like this?

Planet Bike Spring Newsletter   by james on May 10, 2010   read full blog

We released the Spring 2010 edition of our quarterly e-newsletter late last week. Click here to view the newsletter. To subscribe to future e-newsletters please add your e-mail here.

Trans Iowa V.6   by james on Apr 27, 2010   read full blog

The idea of riding your bike for 300+ miles down Iowa style "B Maintenance" roads in 50 degree rainy weather isn't very motivating. I'm sure the 58 competitors who started the Trans Iowa Race this past weekend would tell you differently. Little did they know that 88 miles later into the 6th annual grueling, energy sucking, muscle deteriorating race that it would be called off. Only 8 racers remained at the time the call was made.

Check out the photos we received from our friend Ryan at Twin Six.

From the Archives   by james on Apr 19, 2010   read full blog

We dug this photo out of the Planet Bike Archives this morning. Dave in a serious game against Dale from Bike Wagon (Salt Lake City) at the 2010 QBP Frost Bike.

European Bicycle Infrastructure to Hopefully Inspire Madison Leaders   by james on Apr 09, 2010   read full blog

Madison's Mayor, Dave Cieslewicz, along with 19 other civic leaders are traveling through a handful of cities in the Netherlands and Germany next week to learn about the policies and infrastructure that allows an incredibly high percentage of trips to be taken by bicycle. The hope is to inspire new ideas that can be applied to Madison. Currently, 3% of commute trips in Madison are made by bicycle with hopes to increase that number to 20% by 2020. The trip has been made possible by Saris and Bikes Belong.

MBM Spring Classic   by james on Apr 07, 2010   read full blog

It must be spring time as the MBM (Madison-Basco-Madison) Spring Classic otherwise known as the Hater 100 is upon us! For a lot of us this race is the entrance to the long season ahead - a tune-up after the drawn-out cold winter. There is nothing quite like exhausting yourself for 100k so year after year we sign up and kick the season off right. If this weekend is anything like the past few days we’ll be in for a treat because 46 degrees and rain is our thing.

Sometimes Safety Requires Creativity   by james on Apr 02, 2010   read full blog

I’ve always been attracted to the intensity of large cities. I recently returned from New York City earlier this week. New York projects an explosive motion of color and noise and amidst all of the screeches, horns, sirens, and mobs of people all modes of transportation flow in unison, amazingly. Whale size buses rumble down the streets, yellow cabs sprint from light to light like cheetahs and cyclists make dashing ninja like moves as if it were choreographed. It was great to see NYC using green colored bike lanes and bike boxes or “safety blocks” as they are known to some which drastically reduce crashes and near misses between bicycles and automobiles. European cities have been using color for bike lanes for a decade again setting an urban cycling safety trend as San Francisco and Portland have also experimented with colored bike lanes over the past few years.

In Search of the Lost Cyclist   by james on Mar 22, 2010   read full blog

We're really excited about David Herlihy's new book, The Lost Cyclist which will be available June 18th of this year. The story follows American Frank Lenz, one of the first people to attempt riding around the world on a bicycle. Today it's still an accomplishment but setting out in 1892 definitely takes the cake.

The Numbers Are In!   by james on Mar 16, 2010   read full blog

The growth of the 10th National Bike Summit has generated positive vibes across the nation this week. Over 700 bike enthusiasts marched up "the hill" to lobby for national issues related to our favorite mode of transportation - the bicycle. The League of American Bicyclists did a nice recap on the top ten highlights. For an insight into this phenomenal event please take a few minutes to view the video below produced by

Spring Cleaning   by james on Mar 15, 2010   read full blog

With temperatures peaking well above freezing the past few days it seems we have begun our spring thaw. Spring is a beautiful time but with that thaw comes the exposure of months and months of accumulated debris and trash. Our main man Walt at QBP takes it upon himself annually to make this world a better place by cleaning up aluminum cans with his B.O.B. trailer and custom hopper.

National Bike Summit   by james on Mar 09, 2010   read full blog

Today marks the opening day of the 2010 National Bike Summit in Washington, D.C. Our man Jay headed out over the weekend to shake hands with the folks on Capitol Hill and explain how transportation by bicycle can help shape our nation. We're happy to support this great event as well as Jonathan Maus from who covers the event day by day. Please visit Bike Portland's blog for up-to-date coverage on the summit.

Winter 2010 E-newsletter   by james on Mar 05, 2010   read full blog

If you're not on our e-mail list check out our newest issue our quarterly e-newsletter here.

Employee Bike Feature   by james on Feb 18, 2010   read full blog

Mark had this custom 953 stainless singlespeed built several years back by the infamous Bob Brown. It carried him to the 2007 singlespeed cyclocross national championship. Interestingly this bike does not have rear eyelets or a drilled brake bridge but Mark worked his magical mechanical skills to outfit this rig with full-coverage Cascadia fenders!

Employee Bike Feature   by james on Feb 10, 2010   read full blog

Heath's titanium commuter is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing.

Automatic Hill Lift?   by james on Feb 05, 2010   read full blog

I've always been intrigued by how much of an impact the bicycle has on European cities. Dave came across this video the other day and it definitely takes the cake. It comes from a website called Eco Ideas which focuses on ecological ideas from around the globe.

Biking Contributes to State Economy   by james on Feb 02, 2010   read full blog

Kevin Hardman, Executive Director of the Wisconsin Bicycle Federation was kind enough to share the following information with us today:

"A report released today by the University of Wisconsin-Madison shows that bicycling tourism combined with Wisconsin's world-class bicycle industry contributes $1.5 billion to our state's economic every year! To put this in perspective, the report compares bicycling to deer hunting which contributes $926 million and snowmobiling which contributes $250 million.

The report also states:

• Bicycling creates 13,000 Wisconsin jobs
• Non-residents spend $535 million on bike-related events, food, and lodging
• 49% of Wisconsinites participate in recreational biking
• A 20% increase in biking could increase economic activity by $107 million and create 1500 more jobs

One Step Closer to Rail Transit in Madison   by james on Jan 29, 2010   read full blog

The city of Madison and Southern Wisconsin are one step closer to making rail transit a reality. Wisconsin is to receive $822 million for passenger rails - which would allow you to leave your car at home the next time you want to travel between Madison, Milwaukee, and Chicago. The project is still in its developmental stages, but the rail advocates will continue to push on. Read the story here.

Things That Get us Excited   by james on Jan 28, 2010   read full blog

Mark's new Nimatsu Scorpion proves he's a force to be reckoned with on the table!

Employee Glove Choice   by james on Jan 22, 2010   read full blog

When the weather fluctuates, so does our choice of gear. Next to boots, gloves are one of the most important choices to make when commuting in the winter. Keeping the extremities warm can be tough. This past week has been nice. It seems that we're experiencing our mid-winter thaw with temps in the lower 30's. Below you will find a random selection of gloves/mittens as seen on the hands of Planet Bike employees Friday, January 22, 2010.

Planet Bike Borealis Gloves - Chris

Today I wore the Planet Bike Borealis winter gloves. I like the XXL sizing, so many cycling gloves just don't quite fit me. For me they are good in the 10-40 degree weather, depending on how long the ride is. They are very comfortable and I'm able to use mountain shifters and road shifters without an issue. The one thing I don't really like about them is they take a while to dry out. They are hard to pull inside out and get back in easily, but other than that, they are great.

Outdoor Research Meteor Mitts - Mark

For temperatures below 25 degrees F I use the Outdoor Research Meteor Mitts with a thin, loose fitting liner glove. The mitts are windproof and water resistant. The biggest advantage for me is that there is ample room to move my hands/fingers inside the mitts. I suffer from chronic "cold hands-cold feet" syndrome, and this is the first setup I've found to keep my digits warm through the nasty 25 below days that Wisconsin inevitably experiences several times each winter. The only disadvantage of my personal set-up is the overall bulk. These mitts don't allow a great deal of manual dexterity.

Craft Thermal Split Finger Gloves - James

Traditionally used as a Nordic glove these work great on the bike. There is a 5 finger fleece removable liner which is really nice if your hands get too hot and you can wash it. In the late winter I often find myself riding wearing only the liner. I think the 5 finger liner and the outer windproof lobster style mitt is the perfect combination for Wisconsin winters. As I mentioned they are versatile and for me they work well in 10 to 40 degree F temperatures.

Windproof Fleece Gloves - Heath

Keep it simple. Riding 4 miles to work in 30 degree weather doesn't really require specialized gear. This morning I road to work in jeans, a sweatshirt, hat, and these windproof fleece gloves. Warm, breathable, and great for a game of pond hockey, which I plan to put make happen on the way home today.

Employee Bike Feature   by james on Jan 21, 2010   read full blog

Chris built this rigid 29er Salsa El Mariachi up just before the snow started to fly. It makes a great commuter for the winter and will be a blast through the single track come summer. The 1x9 gear configuration is perfect for winter commuting whether the streets are clear or covered in ice and snow.

See the Light!   by james on Jan 15, 2010   read full blog

We're happy to announce the publication of our 2010 Light Finder! For those of you who haven't seen previous light finders, what we do is demonstrate our lights in a dark setting so that you can see the beam it projects against set distance markers. Dealers - call us for a copy and we'll send it out to you. You can also view it on our website here.

Homemade Boot Inserts   by james on Jan 11, 2010   read full blog

Mark brought a great winter biking tip to my attention this morning. Seeing as how we just reviewed a few pairs of winter cycling boots I thought it would make an appropriate post. On really frigid days I found that my toes were still getting cold regardless of what I did to try to keep them warm on the morning commute. The Lake boots I have been using have a really nice Thermosol composite insulating insole but it can only do so much to prevent air from coming in at the cleat. Mark advised I place a thin piece of cardboard underneath the insole to help prevent air from entering. The cardboard insert helps cold air from coming in and because it's so thin doesn't effect the position of your foot while the boot is on. Please see the photos for a quick tutorial.

World Tour   by james on Jan 08, 2010   read full blog

We recently read an article about Erin Nelson, a 17 year old girl from Turlock, CA planning on riding her bicycle around the world solo! It got us thinking about bicycle touring. What was your favorite bicycle tour?

Bike Swap!   by james on Jan 06, 2010   read full blog

Looking for something to do this weekend? The Cronometro/Brazen Dropouts Bike Swap is this Saturday, January 9th at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, WI. Hours are from 9 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Get there early for the deals, the good stuff goes fast!

Karma Army   by james on Jan 05, 2010   read full blog

A few months ago while I was in Providence, RI I met a gentleman promoting the Karma Army. It's a free website where you can create a log-in and register your bike and instantly notify the community if it is ever stolen. It's not just for bikes either - you can register your kayak, instruments, motorcycle and much more. Have a look at the website and sign up.

Employee Review 2 - Winter Boots   by james on Dec 29, 2009   read full blog

One of the first priorities to be concerned with while riding or commuting in the winter is warm feet. We've tried a variety of different shoes, boots, covers, and socks. Yes, you can always jam toe warmers into your boots but if you commute daily the cost of warmers really starts to take a toll on the wallet. Below you will find reviews of three different types of winter boots.

Pearl Izumi Barrier GTX – Worn by Mark

Having used both the Lake winter boots and the Pearl Izumi boots I can point to a couple of distinct differences. First and foremost the Pearl Izumi boots do not come up as high as the Lake boots, however, Pearl Izumi boots use a GORE-TEX® outer layer as opposed to Lake which uses leather. This may increase the overall water resistance, but that is about it. The zip up the center of the front, although waterproof, still allows cold wind through. The Pearl Izumi boots have a lugged sole similar to a standard mountain bike shoe. They definitely have a stiffer sole than the Lake boots, but the overall warmth seems to be about 5-10 degrees less than the Lake boots.

Answer Kashmir – Worn by Heath

These boots have good closures and a high neoprene cuff which helps with layering and keeping the snow out. When you’re off the bike they offer good traction on the ice. The steal cleats are a nice touch.

With a pair of wool socks, these things are good to about 20 degrees. Add a good pair of shoe covers and some gators and the toes will stay toasty down to 0 degrees. When temps go below 0 degrees I add a sock liner under the wool socks and a small plastic bag over my toes to help with wind protection.

Lake MXZ302 – Worn by Chris and James

I was impressed with these boots from the day I pulled them out of the box. Before you wear them make use of the included Nikwax packet and treat the leather. You will be thankful in the long run as it will prolong the life of your boots and help with all-weather protection. The high neoprene cuff ensures warmth and dryness if you ever need to portage through deep drifts. A combination of the BOA® lacing system and leather Velcro flaps over the front of the boot allow a nice tight fit and increases the probability that your foot will be dry when you get to your destination. The Vibram® sole allows the boot to fit more like a real boot and less like a cycling shoe allowing increased comfort when you want to walk around off of the bike.

I wear a pair of wool socks in them and have no issues. If it gets below zero, I put a pair of cycling socks on under the wool socks and stay warm until about -15. Riding in snow and slush, I have had no issues of my feet getting wet at all. My toes don't get that cold on the commute with wool socks, but if I go for a longer ride, I will unclip and move my foot and toes around for a little bit to get the blood flowing back to them and then clip in and do the same with the other foot.

Planet Bike Employee Winter Tire Selection   by james on Dec 23, 2009   read full blog

When I started working at Planet Bike the amount and variety of bicycles and accessories each and every employee rode baffled me. We are constantly tinkering and swapping out parts and components to make the daily commute a little more comfortable. More recently with recent snowfall the daily fleet of commute bikes starting appearing with bigger knobbier tires. Below you will find 4 of the tires we have chosen for the worst winter conditions.

1. Nokian Hakkeplitta - 700 x 32 - 72 Studs
At about $45 a tire they are definitely on the lower end of the studded tire price spectrum. The tread provides a fast commute while the 72 studs per tire keep the mind at ease. On raw pavement you don’t have to worry about sliding out around corners and they don’t weigh much more than a regular tire. They are perfect for the winter cyclist who may be trying studded tires for the first time.

2. Kenda Klondike - 700 x 35 - 110 Studs

These things are narrow enough to cut through the snow and bite the hard pack below. They cost about $64 a tire. Generally the greater the stud count, the greater the price. The tread pattern is relatively deep and generously spaced so they do well in the powder, hard pack, or ice.

3. Nokian Hakkeplitta – 700 x 40 - 240 Studs
This tire hooks up in snow/ice better than any tire I've ever ridden. It's narrow enough to cut through powder and avoid the "snow plow effect". It has a stud on almost every knob, giving tremendous grip whether you're turning or riding in a straight line. The overall knobby tread works great for snow and ice covered paths. Nokian tires also allow the replacement of the studs once they've worn out.

While the large amount of studs is great for snow and ice, they are not the best on solid pavement. I haven't noticed a whole lot of sliding on pavement, but it is definitely something I watch out for when turning on pavement. The 240 steel studs add a substantial amount of weight/rolling mass. At 940 grams, they are close to 3 times the weight of a standard (non-studded) cyclocross tire. However, the piece of mind I get rolling over the icy streets of Madison is well worth the weight penalty. As with any studded tire, there is an increase in rolling resistance. This is especially noticeable on bare pavement. The Hakkapelitta is widely viewed as the standard in studded tires. With that title comes price. These tires are expensive. You can expect to pay about $120 for a set.

4. Nokian Gazza Extreme - 29 x 2.1 - 294 studs
The name says it all. At 294 studs these tires are nothing short of extreme. Every single lug features a steel stud. On bare pavement these tires are fairly loud due to the stud count but the reservation I get floating over the most extreme ice and snow conditions is well worth it.

Employee Bike Feature   by james on Dec 21, 2009   read full blog

The snow is definitely here and we have no shortage of it. Have a look at Mark's daily winter commuter. He hammers out the 25 mile commute on this utilitarian Salsa Fargo equipped with steel studded Nokian Hakkapeliitta's to keep it upright.

National's Coverage   by james on Dec 17, 2009   read full blog

See what Milwaukee Journal Sentinel writer Tom Held has to say about Planet Bike Cyclocross.

2009 Cyclocross Nationals   by james on Dec 15, 2009   read full blog

Well folks, the 2009 U.S. cyclocross season has come to a close. A large portion of the Planet Bike Team were fortunate enough to be able to race over the weekend at the national event in Bend, OR. Many goals were accomplished, and we are proud to announce that we have four national champions to induct into the Planet Bike Hall of Fame. As the Planet Bike cyclocross blog is updated please read more about the weekend here.

Winter is Here   by james on Dec 04, 2009   read full blog

The 40 to 45 degree temperatures we were experiencing last week dissipated swiftly and Old Man Winter rolled in overnight. As I stepped outside on the first fresh dusting of the year I heard that familiar crunch under my boots for the first time in a while. The cold nipped me in the face like a newborn puppy. You have to take the first couple of corners with extreme caution but it comes back to you quickly. Still, there is something a little unnerving cruising at 20+ mph down the less traveled ice covered streets. You have to keep telling yourself to hold it steady, keep the rubber side down, and you easily glide like an ice skate blade across a frozen pond.
We take commuting very seriously here at Planet Bike. Not only do we outfit our commuter bikes with the finest components and accessories for winter riding but we choose our outerwear very vigorously. Working in an office of full-time bike commuters has its perks. The way a winter cycling boot works for one individual may instigate a completely different opinion from another. Riding different kinds of bicycles and gear in a wide array of conditions could constitute a Planet Bike winter riding survival book. We’ve been tossing the idea around of sharing our experiences with our readers so stay tuned throughout the cold winter months ahead to hear our opinions.

Bike Tours Inspire Us   by james on Dec 02, 2009   read full blog

We recently heard that Greg McCausland is riding his bike from New York State to the southern tip of South America. We're following his blog and hope you will too.

Happy Thanksgiving!   by james on Nov 26, 2009   read full blog

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Planet Bike!

SUPERCOMMUTER   by james on Nov 19, 2009   read full blog

Don't forget to nominate a Supercommuter for our Spring E-News Letter.
A supercommuter rides through every season, in all types of weather, day and night. Choosing the simplicity, health and pleasure of bicycling, a supercommuter simply prefers to ride a bike to the grocery store, to work, to a concert or the cafe. We know it's a long way off but the sooner you get your nominations in the better. You can read about the past two Supercommuter's here and here. Nominations can be e-mailed to

We Have a Winner!   by james on Nov 17, 2009   read full blog

We received a lot of great submissions over the weekend and it wasn't easy to choose one. We chose the following entry for its honesty and the bicycle exuberance described by the writer. We wish Brett R. many happy miles to come.

I love my bike for its aesthetic and mechanical excellence. It's a simple thing. A purity of purpose. A configuration of metal, rubber, paint, grease and leather that allows me to consume geography like a butterfly in the wind. I pour my energy and confidence into it, and it returns the favor by delivering me efficiently and effectively to my destination. My bike immerses me in my environment. I smell the freshly cut hay in the pasture to my right; I see the woodpecker scurrying up the tree on my left; I hear the leaves rustling, the wind in my face, the feeling of the road underneath -- I'm alive. I love my bike. --Brett R.

Why Do You Love Your Bike?   by james on Nov 13, 2009   read full blog

Tell us why you love your bike in a short paragraph. We'll choose one to feature on our blog and send the featured writer some cool Planet Bike schwag. Send your paragraph to James,

Confidence Regained - and the Crown   by james on Nov 11, 2009   read full blog

In an extreme effort to redeem himself during the 4 p.m. showdown Dave showed everyone who is boss when it comes to table tennis. After winning the final game 11-9 Dave's voice could be heard echoing throughout the halls of Planet Bike, "I'M BACK, I'M BACK!"

Summer Weather in November   by james on Nov 10, 2009   read full blog

We came across this nice piece in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Light Finder 2010   by james on Nov 09, 2009   read full blog

We shot our annual Light Finder last week. The weather was perfect! Look for it late this year / early 2010.

Fall E-news Letter   by james on Nov 06, 2009   read full blog

Don't forget to check out our most recent e-news letter. The e-news letter is released quarterly and contains an information section, product feature, advocacy update, and a featured supercommuter. Be sure to add yourself to the list so you receive the newsletter via e-mail in the future.

Bike Calorie Calculator   by james on Nov 03, 2009   read full blog

There is a pretty cool bike calorie calculator available at Everyday Health. If you're trying to maintain a specific diet or are just curious on how many calories you burn on your daily bicycle commute take a gander, especially because Turkey Day is right around the corner.

Bike Accessories for a Safer Ride   by james on Nov 02, 2009   read full blog

This morning, the Los Angeles Times did a piece featuring accessories to make your bicycle ride safer. If you don't have access to a hard copy of the newspaper, it can be read here. One of the featured items was our Spok taillight which is a very affordable, versatile single LED light. Save money and buy the Spok set!

The Reigns Have Changed   by james on Oct 30, 2009   read full blog

Word has it that the Table Tennis reign has changed at Planet Bike. This is evident from the crown on Chris' desk. One things for sure, it won't stay like that for long!

Employee Bike Feature!   by james on Oct 27, 2009   read full blog

The employee bike feature library is still bursting at the seams. Don’t think that we haven’t realized we’re long overdue for an update! The time has flown by with all the chaos that goes along with Interbike, Outdoor Demo East and the start of the cyclocross season. Since then, we’ve tightened the bolts on our fenders and dusted off our wool attire. To get back in the groove of things and because our minds are on cyclocross, let’s take a look at James’ custom Ellis singlespeed. This steel bike was hand built by Dave Wages of Ellis Cycles. Though Ellis is a new company Dave has over 10 years of frame building experience. This bike has definitely seen its fair share of races and word has it that James may be making the trip up to the Midwest Singlespeed Championships in a couple weeks!

Race Across the Sky Trailer   by james on Oct 23, 2009   read full blog

Don't put the knobby tired bike away yet! We may be a day late but I guarantee THIS will pump you up to go for at least one more ride!

NEW SOCKS!   by james on Oct 23, 2009   read full blog

That's right, wool socks just in time for all that cold rainy drizzle we've been suffering through for the past week. As always, Sockguy has done a phenomenal job with our newest batch. Navy blue with a grey Planet Bike logo. Check 'em out!

Fall Commute   by james on Oct 23, 2009   read full blog

Every morning we breath in the crisp Fall air as we ride our bikes into the office. It seems that each turning week requires another layer of gear. The leaves are changing offering a palate of color for our eyes to feast and the road ahead is covered in an exquisite array of radiance. The cold rain falls upon us as we turn our lights on for the early morning commute. The smell of freshly ground coffee awaits as we start yet another day. Happy Fall from all of us at Planet Bike.

Planet Bike Toronto Cyclocross   by james on Oct 21, 2009   read full blog

The Planet Bike Elite CyclocrossTeam had quite a showing this past weekend at the Toronto International Cyclocross event. Day 1 was recognized as a UCI C1 race where racers were greeted with a technical and grueling course. On the men's side Tristan Schouten was 5th and James LaLonde finished 13th. For the women it was Linda Sone who snatched 2nd place with Kristin Wentworth and Katie Antonneau in 3rd and 4th. On Day 2 the course changed completely but that didn't stop Tristan Schouten from finishing 5th and James LaLonde again finishing 13th. The ladies decided to mix it up a little bit with Katie Antonneau finishing 2nd, Linda Sone 4th and Kristin Wentworth in 6th. As always you can follow Planet Bike cyclocross here.

Blaze 2W Goes Live!   by james on Oct 13, 2009   read full blog

Our newest and brightest headlight, the Blaze 2W is now available for purchase on our website! See what all the LED gurus are raving about!

Interbike 2009   by james on Sep 29, 2009   read full blog

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our Interbike booth last week!

Planet Bike Rides 20,000 Miles   by james on Sep 09, 2009   read full blog

We take our commutes pretty seriously here at Planet Bike. When Civia's Greenlight site went live we were thrilled. By mid-March the majority of us were signed up and logging our miles daily. Last week we reached the 20,000 mile mark.

...and We Thought Our Customer Service Was Good   by james on Aug 26, 2009   read full blog

Yesterday morning it was decided to have a custom stamp made with the Planet Bike logo. This was an effort to reduce the use of stickers on Interbike folders and was far cheaper than printing folders digitally. I placed the custom stamp order with a slight up charge for rush delivery from the folks over at Within 45 minutes I received a UPS tracking number for the package. Low and behold at 10 a.m. this morning our custom stamp was delivered. Not only did our stamp arrive within 21 hours from the initial order but these individuals are a pleasure to deal with on the phone and via e-mail. Thanks!

Dance Party!   by james on Aug 25, 2009   read full blog

Planet Bike donated lights to kick off the annual Bike Pittsburgh Bike Fest; a celebration of all things cycling. The lights covered a portion of the wall and were given to those riding home without a light.

Employee Bike Feature   by james on Aug 21, 2009   read full blog

Mark had this custom fillet brazed road frame built earlier this year by Stoic Cycles. Located in Kansas, this ambitious builder keeps it real with steel builds focusing on cyclocross and mountain frames.

Bike Feature   by james on Aug 05, 2009   read full blog

Chris had this bike custom built by Banjo Cycles this past spring. A cross between a Surly Big Dumm and a Surly Pugsley this bike has the most carrying capacity I have ever seen. It accepts Xtracycle Wideloaders which demonstrated their usefulness last week when Chris loaded up 300+ t-shirts and transported them back to Planet Bike HQ.

Riverwest 24   by james on Jul 31, 2009   read full blog

We would like to congratulate one of our own, Liz R. on her victory in the woman's solo category at the Riverwest 24-Hour Bike Race this past weekend in Milwaukee, WI. Liz completed 49 laps while earning an additional 13 laps for bonus checkpoints. Way to go!

The Easy Way Out   by james on Jul 30, 2009   read full blog

Who needs a car when you have a Big Dumb Pug? Chris proved the usefulness of his utilitarian monster truck bicycle yesterday afternoon when he loaded 300+ t-shirts and transported them 5 miles across town to the Planet Bike offices.

Planet Bike Assists Green Efforts at Summer Outdoor Retailer   by james on Jul 28, 2009   read full blog

Planet Bike supported the Bike Share Program at this year's Summer Outdoor Retailer(OR), a trade show venue for the outdoor specialty industry which was held in Salt Lake City, UT July 21-24. The 1st year Bike Share Program offered 20 commuter bikes by Swobo equipped with Planet Bike locks and Bern Helmets. Retailer exhibitors and attendees were allowed to utilize the bikes to get around town in 60-minute intervals. What a GREAT way to see Salt Lake City! In conclusion to the Summer OR, all locks were donated to the Salt Lake City Bicycle Collective.

Thursday Fish Fry   by james on Jul 16, 2009   read full blog

Traditionally, Wisconsin is home to the Friday night fish fry. We broke the rules today and took advantage of the nice weather as well as the fresh walleye from Jeff's Canadian fishing expedition.

New Cycling Caps   by james on Jul 09, 2009   read full blog

We've partnered up with Walz Caps to produce two versions of high quality 4-panel cotton cycling caps. They come in two different sizes as well. The Planet Bike logo is embroidered on the right side.

Planet Bike Visitor   by james on Jul 08, 2009   read full blog

This little guy has been poking his head around Planet Bike for some time now. When he's not rummaging around in the back 40 he can usually be found on the side of the office munching on our lawn.

The Trek to Re-Energize America   by james on Jun 29, 2009   read full blog

Our friends participating in The Trek to Re-Energize America will be in Madison, WI tonight. The Trek to Re-Energize America is a tour by bicycle to Washington D.C. in order to acknowledge the challenges and effects climate change has on us as individuals within our communities and the environment. The ultimate goal is for citizens to engage in these conversations with their political leaders, thus influencing ‘green’ initiatives for our country. Please visit The Trek to Re-Energize America website for more information.

Employee Bike Feature 7   by james on Jun 29, 2009   read full blog

Dave's commuter featured as the seventh installment of the Employee Bike Feature

Planet Bike Exercise Programs   by james on Jun 25, 2009   read full blog

Dave remains table tennis king at Planet Bike...

Bike to Work Week Recap   by james on Jun 16, 2009   read full blog

Another Bike to Work Week is in the books thanks to the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin...

Employee Bike Feature VI   by james on Jun 12, 2009   read full blog

Check out Heath's Commuter!

Employee Bike Feature Numero Quattro   by james on Jun 01, 2009   read full blog

Check out Jeff's Cross-Check!

Rider Chat with Mark LaLonde   by james on May 29, 2009   read full blog

Planet Bike rider recently featured on MTB Race News.

And Then There Was Light   by james on May 26, 2009   read full blog

Check-ou that dual Blaze Dynamo setup on Marko's Commuter!

Mark LaLonde Wins Race 1 of WORS Series   by james on May 20, 2009   read full blog

Planet Bike’s own Mark LaLonde took the overall in the Men’s Cat 1 / Pro Field in Iola, WI Sunday, May 17th. The Planet Bike / GT team rider outpaced the star-studded lead group eventually having to out sprint his brother Jesse at the finish line. This was Mark’s second win ever at a WORS event, a 12-race series which claims to be the largest mountain bike series in the United States. The 25 mile course consisted of rolling hills, open ski trails, and sandy wooded single track. “The course was fast and furious,” Mark stated in an impromptu interview. “The single track was great. It was everything I had hoped and dreamed that it would be.” Mark will continue the series May 31st in Rhinelander, WI.

Spring Arrivals   by james on May 15, 2009   read full blog

Don't forget to check out some of our new Spring Arrivals - TWEET TWEET!

Employee Bike Feature   by james on May 14, 2009   read full blog

Jay's custom Independent Fabrication Planet X studded with Planet Bike accessories is the perfect commuter setup. Check out that titanium Jeff Jones H-Bar and custom Ahren Rogers rack!


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