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Jay grew up in Rock Island, IL. After graduating college with a degree in Physics, he moved to Madison. Passing through careers in woodworking and cabinetmaking, which he loves, and IT management, which got boring, Jay finally decided to put his money where his mouth is and helped fund and start up Community Car, Madison's car sharing business. From Community Car, Jay came to Planet Bike as Advocacy Coordinator, operations guy and policy wonk. "I wanted to work for Planet Bike because I believe in the mission and the people are some of the most creative and driven I've known," Jay says. In addition to being a means from A to B, for Jay the bike is a medium for solving problems. "When I'm noodling on a problem, riding my bike allows me to reflect and to get to a clear state of mind."

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400 bikes, 70 locks, thousands of smiles   by jay on Apr 07, 2017   read full blog

March 29, 2017 was the culmination of six month’s hard work by Andy Quandt to bring Free Bikes 4 Kidz to Madison, WI. We gave away 400 bikes and helmets, 70 locks, and thousands of smiles.

Neuroscience, Bikes, and Kids   by jay on Mar 23, 2017   read full blog

At the 2017 National Bike Summit in Washington, DC earlier this month I learned about many new and innovative bike programs happening around the United States.

It's the little things   by jay on Mar 03, 2017   read full blog

Haven't convinced your city to build protected bike lanes yet? Well here's something you can do today to make things better for bikers.

Don't get nasty. Get bicycle friendly   by jay on Mar 18, 2016   read full blog

The League's Bicycle Friendly America program is graduating college, planning its next moves

Backbone of bicycle education   by jay on Mar 18, 2016   read full blog

Why are LCIs the noisiest bunch?

Soglin Spotting   by jay on Mar 17, 2016   read full blog

Madison Mayor Paul Soglin at the National Bike Summit.

2016 National Bike Summit   by jay on Mar 14, 2016   read full blog

How do 535 bike advocates change a light bulb?

Radical parking   by jay on Mar 10, 2016   read full blog

When I visualize a big city, one of the things I see is cars: cars on the road, cars in parking lots, cars on the sidewalk

Godspeed, Deb.   by jay on Aug 21, 2015   read full blog

Changing the world, one step at a time.

So long, and thanks for all the lobster   by jay on Jan 13, 2015   read full blog

Leader of the Alliance for Biking & Walking bids adieu

Complete Streets Seminars in Dane County!   by jay on Oct 29, 2013   read full blog

Not one, but two chances to learn more about Complete Streets.

Eat Play Bike   by jay on Jul 08, 2013   read full blog

The original concept was to do placemaking in southern Madison and it morphed into a month long festival at the Villager Mall parking lot. A few pictures cannot capture it all.

Back 40 Haiku V   by jay on May 08, 2013   read full blog

Poetry delivers where technology fails.

Single speed coffee pot, zero speed brain   by jay on Apr 30, 2013   read full blog

Wherein Jay discovers the Coffee Chasm

Young people kick out butts, II   by jay on Mar 01, 2013   read full blog

Come see what the youngin's are up to...

biking = joy   by jay on Nov 26, 2012   read full blog

* This may improve your life

Keep on truckin'   by jay on Nov 12, 2012   read full blog

Depressed now that the cold has come and it's "too cold to ride"? These folks will show you how to keep riding all winter long

Out of reach   by jay on Nov 06, 2012   read full blog

Across Africa people race the sun every day to meet basic needs: healthcare, education and economic opportunity

There's always someone harder.   by jay on Oct 30, 2012   read full blog

Radical exercise.

Fewer wheels, more fun   by jay on Jun 12, 2012   read full blog

It's not often we blog about cars.

The sun rises in Milwaukee   by jay on May 04, 2012   read full blog

Bringing bikes and lights to where they are needed.

Back 40 Haiku IV   by jay on Apr 18, 2012   read full blog

This is where haikus come from

"Teenagers kick our butts.", Dar Williams   by jay on Apr 17, 2012   read full blog

Check out video of young folks taking responsibility for themselves and our community life at Recycle-A-Bicycle's 2012 Youth Bike Summit that Planet Bike sponsored back in January.

Speeding Slightly   by jay on Apr 13, 2012   read full blog

Recent research out of The Netherlands reveals that speeding by cars not the big deal bikers carry on about.

A Tandem, red leaves and more...   by jay on Mar 01, 2012   read full blog

Take a look at the winners of the Alliance for Biking & Walking's annual photo contest

Fun and Cheap   by jay on Dec 21, 2011   read full blog

Madison's Ride The Drive and other ciclovias are cheaper than you think.

Beautiful Self-Reliance   by jay on Nov 11, 2011   read full blog

Kids practice walking in riding in miniature city

Catch and release on the bikepath   by jay on May 18, 2011   read full blog

$35 in lights or a $76.20 choose...

Don't just eat your asparagus, ride it!   by jay on May 18, 2011   read full blog

See a bicycle wheel made from asparagus and other tripadelic imaginings from the minds of 5th graders.

Fixing Sprawl 101   by jay on Nov 02, 2010   read full blog

Tired of mall land? Can't bike to the grocery? Want to live in a sane place again? Check out New Urbanism

Giving lights instead of tickets   by jay on Oct 29, 2010   read full blog

In a friendly sting, Madison cops give bike lights to riders without

Get your freak on your bike and ride   by jay on Oct 25, 2010   read full blog

Ride the night with your fellow creatures (and friends of creatures) on Friday, October 29 in Madison, WI.

100,000 Americans sign bike pledge   by jay on Oct 11, 2010   read full blog

What do more than 100,000 Americans want?
Better biking! recently surpassed 100,000 pledges...

Back 40 Haiku III   by jay on Jul 26, 2010   read full blog

A tulip's Spring, Summer and Fall...(A little late this year, but here's the annual tulip haiku issue.)

Tulips...   by jay on Apr 21, 2010   read full blog

Just saying...

Atomic Light   by jay on Apr 01, 2010   read full blog

No worries about a dead battery, until after you're dead.

California Bicycle Coalition reboot   by jay on Mar 31, 2010   read full blog

$35,000 in 15 minutes (and win a Blaze 2-watt)

High Cost of Free Parking   by jay on Mar 29, 2010   read full blog

How does a city eliminate 29% of traffic, beautify the streets, pay for maintenance, increase access to businesses by car drivers, without raising taxes?

1,254 miles in 365 days   by jay on Mar 25, 2010   read full blog

It sure feels good to ride to work.

1,000,000 bikers   by jay on Mar 18, 2010   read full blog

Ride your bike...make your heart so strong hospitals can take Tuesdays off

Ringing Madison's bell at the National Bike Summit   by jay on Mar 15, 2010   read full blog

There's a reason the Planet Bike (and Trek, Saris, Madrax, etc.) call Madison, WI home...

The floors are hard and the corridors long   by jay on Mar 12, 2010   read full blog

What democracy looks like

Culture, not color   by jay on Mar 12, 2010   read full blog

In many cultures, biking is a "white thing". How do we change that?

(700 x biker) + Congress = Action   by jay on Mar 11, 2010   read full blog

Fuzzy pictures of sharp-minded bikers, aka National Bike Summit

We like bikers with skills   by jay on Feb 24, 2010   read full blog

Middleton, WI get Bikes Belong dough for a urban mountain bike skills park

Burning Cycle   by jay on Dec 10, 2009   read full blog

Nate Loyal brought his 'cross bike to the Playa on his rack equipped Beemer motorcycle...

Interbike Party   by jay on Oct 01, 2009   read full blog

Advocates, industry and beer...three great tastes that go great together.

off your butts, into the street   by jay on Aug 25, 2009   read full blog

Six miles of rolling downtown Madison streets are all ours!! Check it out this Sunday, August 30.

City of Angels...City of Lights   by jay on Jul 15, 2009   read full blog

bilingual bike advocates + bike lights + knowledge = safer immigrants (and expanded bike advocacy movement)

WI gets Complete Streets   by jay on Jul 07, 2009   read full blog

In a major win for all road users (especially bikers), Wisconsin has adopted a state-wide Complete Streets policy.

Back 40 haiku II   by jay on May 08, 2009   read full blog

Dave reminded me it was time for another tulip story...

> 450   by jay on Apr 29, 2009   read full blog

It's an honor to walk the halls of the Capitol and practice democracy. This is what makes America such a great place.

Bike Walk Madison goes live   by jay on Apr 17, 2009   read full blog

It's 70 degrees and sunny...the grassroots are moving forward...

The purple is dead. Long live the purple.   by jay on Mar 05, 2009   read full blog

Thunderhead Alliance recently upgraded to version 3.0. The identity upgrade includes a new name, the Alliance for Biking & Walking, and a new website,

Stimulating Biking   by jay on Feb 18, 2009   read full blog

The new economic stimulus package sets aside somewhere between $875M to $1.5B for bikes.

Riding (and breathing) at -13° Fahrenheit   by jay on Jan 15, 2009   read full blog

Lately, Chris has arrived each morning with a serious snotsicle hanging from his mask...

Vote For Follmer   by jay on Oct 03, 2008   read full blog

What's the biggest thing you've carried on a bike? Chris moved his household by bike and the Austin Bike Blog is taking votes for the most impressive move.

Lighting up the Velorution   by jay on Aug 28, 2008   read full blog

Ripon College gave away 180 bikes to incoming freshman

Thunderhead Coast to Coast   by jay on Jun 16, 2008   read full blog

Houston, we have ignition. Bike advocacy goes into orbit.

Tulips in the Back 40   by jay on Apr 30, 2008   read full blog

Emerging from my cube into the spring sun I happened upon some volunteers out behind PB HQ.

Cargo Squirrel   by jay on Feb 21, 2007   read full blog

Putting all that nervous and frenetic energy to use hauling stuff on your bike

Year of the Pig, son.   by jay on Feb 21, 2007   read full blog

Well wishes to 1.3 Billion Chinese. May the year be lucky and fertile.


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