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Learning to Ride   by kristin on May 16, 2017   read full blog

Riding bikes is fun. This becomes especially obvious when teaching a kid to ride a bike. Kristin shares her experience watching her 3 year old daughter eagerly take on the challenge.

National Park week   by kristin on Apr 17, 2017   read full blog

It’s National Park week and a great time to explore some of the nation’s most stunning lands. Find a park that has car free days and get a unique opportunity to ride a bike through these amazing landscapes.

More kids on bikes   by kristin on Mar 29, 2017   read full blog

The Youth Cycling Alliance is partnering with UC Berkeley in an effort to grow the number of youth cycling organizations throughout the country

Rebuild your gear, shipping is free!   by kristin on Mar 23, 2017   read full blog

Don't let one missing part stop you from using a Planet Bike product. Buy what you need for cheap and get back to enjoying your ride!

2017 Wisconsin Ride Guide   by kristin on Mar 15, 2017   read full blog

The Wisconsin Bike Fed's annual Ride Guide is here and it's a beautiful publication with lots of great rides to choose from

Wheels for Winners – The Big Share 2017   by kristin on Mar 01, 2017   read full blog

A shout out to our local earn a bike program and all of the amazing things they are doing in our Madison, Wisconsin community.

Youth Cycling Alliance   by kristin on Dec 21, 2016   read full blog

Planet Bike has long supported organizations involved in encouraging kids to ride bikes. We are excited to participate in the creation of the Youth Cycling Alliance which aims to expand and enhance youth cycling programs across the country.

Superflash USB Update   by kristin on Nov 29, 2016   read full blog

A couple of changes to the USB model of our iconic Superflash tail light make it a great choice for all riding environments

Fat Bike Fenders and Tire Gauge   by kristin on Oct 25, 2016   read full blog

Bikes with big tires require some specific gear. Check out our Big Buck fenders and our new Fat Max 15 Tire Gauge for all of your fat bike adventuring!

Blaze Headlight Updates   by kristin on May 27, 2016   read full blog

Our Blaze headlights have gotten some key improvements the last few months. Amber side lights and better optics plus the path friendly courtesy flash and some aesthetic updates. Check out all the changes

Double Wrapped Handlebars   by kristin on Apr 11, 2016   read full blog

Heath shares his secrets to achieve the vibration dampening comfort of two layers of handlebar tape

Aluminum fenders for every bike!   by kristin on Feb 19, 2016   read full blog

The spring thaw is coming. Get some Cascadia ALX fenders on your bike and aim for those puddles

Love to Ride   by kristin on Sep 04, 2015   read full blog

Planet Bike employees are participating in the local Love to Ride Challenge which is a growing worldwide movement that connects community members and encourages people to go for a bike ride

Bike to School Day   by kristin on May 06, 2015   read full blog

The simple pleasures of starting your day with a bike ride (and the thrill of E assist!)

Kid Bike Love   by kristin on Dec 02, 2014   read full blog

The speed, the feeling of flying, the freedom; watching a kid learn to ride a bike is a reminder that riding bikes is just plain fun.

Fading Summer Days   by kristin on Aug 12, 2013   read full blog

It's the time of the year to enjoy the simple pleasures of summertime riding

Haulin'   by kristin on May 09, 2013   read full blog

Kristin finally took the plunge and got a long tail cargo bike to haul her son, groceries, and whatever else she finds along the way!

Spring Classics   by kristin on Apr 17, 2013   read full blog

Kristin and her husband recently got back from a vacation in Europe. They got to experience two of the most famous one day races - Tour of Flanders and Paris Roubaix. The cobbled classics didn't disappoint.

Every kid needs a bike   by kristin on Dec 18, 2012   read full blog

All kids deserve to feel the magic that is riding a bike and our friends in Nashville are making it happen.

Renewed riding with a new partner   by kristin on May 11, 2012   read full blog

Kristin rediscovers her love of riding after a hiatus following the birth of her son

Cyclocross Nationals comes to Madison   by kristin on Jan 12, 2012   read full blog

Cyclocross Nationals in Wisconsin? in January? It wasn't what many were expecting . . .

Moving Beyond the Automobile   by kristin on Feb 22, 2011   read full blog

Our friends over at Streetsblog are doing a series of videos on the changing face of transportation. This episode focuses on how bicycles are impacting the way people get around in American cities.

Kristin's Women's Adventure Blog   by kristin on Feb 08, 2011   read full blog

Kristin writes more about her pregnancy and trying to be an active tourist while in San Fransisco and 7 months pregnant.

Pregnant on Skis   by kristin on Jan 18, 2011   read full blog

Kristin continues her blogging for Women's Adventure Magazine with an entry about trying to stay active through the Wisconsin winter.

Tis the season   by kristin on Dec 17, 2010   read full blog

How bikes are spreading some holiday cheer this year.

Riding for two in the cold and dark   by kristin on Dec 15, 2010   read full blog

Check out Kristin's latest blog entry at Women's Adventure Magazine about riding in the cold and dark during her pregnancy

Copenhagen Bicycle Superhighway   by kristin on Dec 08, 2010   read full blog

In an effort to reduce bicycle traffic congestion Copenhagen plans to build a network of bicycle highways to serve an estimated 36,000 cyclists per day.

DIY studded tires   by kristin on Dec 03, 2010   read full blog

Here in Madison we're about to get our first snow of the season this weekend. Time to winterize the bike and get ready for riding in the snow!


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