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friends in our cause

grassroots bicycle advocacy

There are more than 120 bicycle advocacy groups in the United States. They lobby city hall for the installation of bicycle racks downtown. They collaborate with urban planners to develop ways to make our cities once again safe for non-motorists. They work with schools to develop Safe Routes To School programs to improve the health and safety our children.

Each one of these groups has an interesting story to tell.  Here are just a few of the many effective groups working to transform our society.

Alliance for Biking & Walking - The Alliance (formerly the Thunderhead Alliance) is a coalition of over 160 local and state grassroots bicycle advocacy groups working in 48 states and one Canadian Province.  The Alliance works by helping new and established bicycle advocacy organizations learn from experienced advocacy veterans and leap-frog to a high level of effectiveness in a short period of time.  The Alliance shares best practices though executive coaching, publishing how-to guides and training seminars for member organizations. The genius of the Alliance is bringing together seasoned, effective veteran advocates with new and growing advocates to share what they know. We support the Alliance with large grants. In 2009, we gave $125,000.

Active Transportation Alliance - "Active Trans" (formerly the Chicagoland Bicycle Federation) is Chicagoland's voice for better walking, biking and transit. They are among the oldest, largest and most effective grassroots bike advocacy groups. Active Trans has pioneered many advocacy initiatives, including ciclovia, crash reduction and bike ambassadors programs.

League of American Bicyclists
- Founded in 1880 as the The League of American Wheelmen, the LAB has grown into the nation's largest grassroots bike advocacy group. They spearheaded the revolution in national transportation funding that culminated in the $3 Billion SAFETEA-LU bill. Their Bicycle Friendly Communities project has helped renew the concept of bicycle friendly communities in many towns where the idea has struggled.

Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin
- Our homies. Also based in Madison, the BFW is a statewide group working on bike, pedestrian and health issues. They've got urban planners, lobbyists, community organizers and others working to make Wisconsin an even greater place to ride.

Texas Bicycle Coalition
- These cowboys are transforming a generation of kids throughout the great state of Texas with a expansive Safe Routes To School program and bi-lingual grassroots advocacy.

San Francisco Bicycle Coalition
- These folks actually convinced the city to take a lane away from cars and give it to bicyclists. And remember Critical Mass? Some folks aren't too keen on the in your face behavior of some Critical Massers. The SFBC's creative solution is the Critical Manners ride. Practical, creative and effective.

Bicycle Transportation Alliance
- BTA has been opening minds and roads to bicycling in Oregon since 1990. Through education, legislation and advocacy, BTA has helped make Portland the recognized leader in biking in the US.

Iowa Bicycle Coalition
- These folks are new, but, thanks to the Alliance for Biking and Walking (formerly the Thunderhead Alliance), they've hit the ground running.  They even helped to save the RAGBRAI!

PeopleForBikes - This is a coalition of bike industry companies working to put more people on bikes more often.

industry folks doing good work

We are grateful to work in an industry that has a burgeoning commitment to supporting the work of grassroots bike advocates.  Here are a sample of those who are helping to transform society with the bicycle.

Wilderness Trails Bikes - Through the work of Transportation Alternatives for Marin (TAM), WTB advocates to make the bicycle a cornerstone of the transportation system."

Bike Portland - A daily interactive news source out of, you guessed it - Portland.  These guys cover the culture, personalities, businesses, breaking news, and important advocacy issues that define one of America's most bike-friendly cities.