LAB's new Bicycle Friendly Businesses on Dec 21, 2016

By League of American Bicyclists - December 21, 2016

Washington, DC - The League of American Bicyclists announced 42 new and renewing Bicycle Friendly Businesses%u2120 (BFBs). There are now almost 1,300 BFBs in 49 states and the District of Columbia ranging from local business to Fortune 500 corporate headquarters.

"As these businesses make bicycling a safe and convenient option for transportation they play a vital role in transforming our nation into a safer, healthier and more sustainable place to live and work," said Alex Doty, League Executive Director. "We congratulate and thank this new round of businesses for leading the way in creating a bicycle-friendly America for everyone."

Platinum Bicycle Friendly University, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities is also a returning Platinum BFB. Per Alternative Transportation Manager Steve Sanders, "From our supportive services offered at the Bike Center to the financial rewards that can be earned by our employees, we have built an abiding bicycling culture on campus. The University is a better place because of our support for all aspects of bicycling." The University also sponsors Open Streets events and subsidizes bikeshare membership.

John Hancock's Boston, MA, office was awarded as a new Silver BFB. They offer employees showers, lockers, and discounted bikeshare membership. Per Christina Wiskow, Global Wellness Director, "The most positive outcome is the health and wellness of John Hancock employees. Studies on reduced medical claims, absenteeism, etc. are important to John Hancock's business."

Thrivent Financial in Appleton, WI, is also a new Silver BFB. The company has been an active participant in the National Bike Challenge since its inception in 2011. Thrivent's Christine Cremer said, "Our employee advocacy groups include a Wellness Team and Green Team which has a concentration on transportation alternatives. Together these groups have made great strides in creating awareness of the benefits and joy that bicycling brings to our employees and members."

To apply or learn more about the Bicycle Friendly Business program, visit here.

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LAB Awards 51 Bicycle Friendly Universities on Nov 29, 2016

The League of American Bicyclists announced 51 new and renewing Bicycle Friendly Universities%u2120 (BFUs) from 25 states, there are now 164 BFUs in 44 states and Washington, DC. This cutting-edge group of colleges and universities transforming their campuses and the communities around them across the United States.

"In its fifth year, we have seen the Bicycle Friendly University program continue to gain momentum and reach even more campuses across the country," said Bill Nesper, Programs Director. "We applaud this round of BFUs for raising the standard and being innovative in making bicycling a safe, convenient and enjoyable option for students, staff and visitors alike."

This round saw several states with multiple Bicycle Friendly Universities, including Florida with
one renewing and three new BFUs. Georgia had three, with one new and two renewing at higher
levels. Illinois led the country this round with one renewing and five new BFUs. One of the new BFUs from Illinois is Northwestern University. The city of Evanston, IL has been recognized as a Silver level BFC and Northwestern University has embraced the city's commitment to improving alternative transportation.  

According to Julie Cahillane of Northwestern's Office of Sustainability, "We are constantly working to support the City of Evanston's designation as a Silver Bicycle Friendly Community." she said, "We are fortunate the university is located in Evanston and we work to integrate the university within the community as best as possible."

BFUs come in all sizes. The University of Florida in Gainesville, FL, with its 52,000 students, achieved Silver status. The University is particularly proud of their Gator Gears Student Bike Rental Program, a semester long rental program that provides students with a bicycle, helmet
and lock. The program began in Fall 2015 with 100 bikes and has been so popular with students
that an additional 100 bikes were acquired for the start of the 2016/17 academic year. Jacob Adams of the University's Office of Sustainability, Gator Gears is "an innovative and cost effective program designed to provide a great cycling experience for students, showing them the value of cycling as a viable alternative form of transportation."

Across the country university staff and advocates have said that the BFU feedback the League provides has been instrumental for action planning and implementation. Eleven of this round's renewing Bicycle Friendly Universities moved up to a higher award level. One of those, Boise State University rose from Silver to Gold status. Students and staff at Boise State have access to the Cycle Learning Center (CLC) which offers bike sales and repairs, instructional clinics and information on alternative transportation.

To apply or learn more about the BFU program, visit the League's website.

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