(700 x biker) + Congress = Action

Posted on Mar 11th 2010 | Advocacy, Blog,

Summit Day 2, 8am: I’m in Washington, DC this week representing Planet Bike, Wisconsin and Madison to our members of Congress. Wednesday things really got rolling with a full day workshops and education on “the issues”. Over 700 bicycle advocates are getting ready this morning to take our message, our “asks”, to congressional offices. These include the ACT Act (or Act^2), the Active Community Transportation Act, which would provide $400MM per year for cities and states to use on “active transportation modes”, aka biking and walking.

The WI delegation is stronger than ever, with 26 citizens in DC representing biking. Considering Wisconsin’s relatively small population, this is huge. We rank number 5 in advocates per capita.

Another highlight was listening to Google make their big announcement about their freshly launched Google bike map.

Update: I ran into the Google folks at a bar and I’m now a “trusted tester”, so I’ll be helping find the kinks in the Madison map data.