Atomic Light

Posted on Apr 1st 2010 | Bike Life, Blog, Learn,

I’d like to introduce our new line of minimalist bike lights. Inspired by the growing DIY movement, we are offering a kit that includes the LED, battery and electrical tape.

The prototype shown below utilizes a standard CR2032 watch battery, but production models will utilize liquid metal nuclear batteries. Run-time is estimated to be 880,000 hours, more than 100 years! No more worries about a dead battery, until after you’re dead.

The innovative mounting system is based on well-tested and reliable electrical tape, allowing the light to be mounted virtually anywhere.

We’re still searching for a name, so give us your ideas. We’ll post them here:

Fire Fly           Mosquito             Peek-a-glow           MacGyver
BioBeetle        The Jellyfish        Peek-a-Go              Pocket Fire