Bike Path Courtesy

Bike Path Courtesy

Posted on Aug 10th 2015 | Advocacy, Bike Life, Blog, Learn,

It’s summertime and the living is easy. You’ve likely noticed that your neighborhood paths are teaming with activity. The path that rolls past my front door is a human highway of cyclist, rollerbladers, joggers, dog walkers, birders and skateboarders. The nicer the day, the more the path bustles. To celebrate bicycling in the summer, we’ve come up with our top 5 list for what it takes to be an upstanding path user:

5. Be a Path Hero. Stop and help fix a flat tire or a dropped chain. Less experienced cyclists will look to path veterans to set an example.

4.  Slow your roll. Watch for kids. Those little rascals can be capricious and often dart off in unpredictable directions. The same goes for dogs.

3.   Join the cheer squad. Everyone loves a little encouragement. Say “Hello,” give a thumbs up or just a nod to your fellow riders. Put a smile on a kid’s face who’s just learning to ride with a good hoot or holler.

2. Land speed records are meant for the salt flats. Ride at a safe speed and keep in mind that many path users might not be aware of who’s coming up from behind.

  1. Ding, Ding! Passing on your left. Let path users know you’re going to pass and do so safely on the left.

Riding with respect for your fellow path users will go a long way in making for a safe and enjoyable adventure.