Cascadia thoughts, from Cascadia

Cascadia thoughts, from Cascadia

Posted on Mar 15th 2007 | Bike Life, Blog, Product,

When we were looking to find a good name for our new fenders, we wanted a word that would conjure up thoughts of misty mountains, foggy hinterlands, driving rain, slop and sleet, without sounding like a bad ride. That’s tough to do. But we knew of a place, where all those things can hit at a moments notice, but the riding is epic: Cascadia. Yep, the Pacific Northwest.
We checked out lots of photos of riders wearing lots of colorful rain gear, and running all sorts of modified fenders. We got feedback from riders like Kent Peterson, who log mind boggling, rain soaked miles in the saddle, and set out to try to make the best fender we could. It had to have rock solid stainless steel hardware and a HUGE mudflap, or it wouldn’t hold up in Cascadia.
I sent a set to Kent to check out, and here’s what he had to say:

And here’s his Cascadia equipped bike: