Heck of the North

Heck of the North

Posted on Oct 14th 2013 | Bike Life, Blog, Events,

The Heck of the North was started in 2009. As Jeremy Kershaw returned home from the Almanzo 100, and having recently finished the Ragnarok, he came to the conclusion that the Northland needed to represent. So started the many mornings before work pouring over county maps and the many sorties up dusty, dead-end roads. After a long and wonderful search process, he pieced together the gravel framework that would become the “Heck.”

The Heck shares the premise of other great, adventure style events, namely…you are on your own and responsible for getting home by the skill of only your own hard work. No support from teams, bystanders or event volunteers. There is no prize money, no licenses, and definitely no entry fee. The Heck is an event that lives solely for the love of the cyclist, their rig and the country they ride through.

Though we weren’t able to be on hand for the event, Planet Bike was happy to go along as one of the sponsors. We are excited by the revitalization of grassroots bike events. Thanks for keeping us inspired Jeremy!