Homemade Boot Inserts

Posted on Jan 11th 2010 | Bike Life, Blog, Learn,

Mark brought a great winter biking tip to my attention this morning. Seeing as how we just reviewed a few pairs of winter cycling boots, I thought a follow up boot post would be appropriate. On really frigid days, I found that my toes were still getting cold regardless of what I did to try to keep them warm on the morning commute. The Lake boots I have been using have a really nice Thermosol composite insulating insole but it can only do so much to prevent air from coming in at the cleat. Mark advised I place a thin piece of cardboard underneath the insole to help prevent air from entering. The cardboard insert helps cold air from coming in and because it’s so thin doesn’t effect the position of your foot while the boot is on. Please see the photos for a quick tutorial.