I’m a bike geek, what’s your excuse?

Posted on Jan 31st 2014 | Bike Life, Blog,

The other day I had a very interesting question posed to me in regards to bike frame material, “What kind of guy are you?”

Some are died-in-the-wool steel aficionados. “Steel is real” typically their motto. Titanium? What’s not to love. Simple and generally understated in looks with a wonderful ride quality. Some prefer a light weight and generally cost favorable (compared to ti or carbon) aluminum frame. Finally, the latest player in the game, carbon. Light, strong, beautiful.

I was stumped on this question. How do I choose just one? I’m generally a decision-maker but I really, honestly cannot pick just one. My last frame purchase was a steel mountain bike. The one before that an aluminum fat bike. Before that a titanium cross bike. If I had the money I’d buy a carbon fat bike right now!

You see, I’m a bike geek and I can’t pick just one. Each bike in my stable serves a purpose and I like to have options. In the past several years I’ve raced carbon, aluminum, steel (both Ox Platinum and KVA stainless) on both the mountain bike and cyclocross circuits. I’ve loved each and every one of those bikes. So you see, I can’t pick just one. You see, I’m a bike geek.