Magical Bicycle Tour

Magical Bicycle Tour

Posted on Sep 29th 2014 | Bike Life, Blog, Product,

Heath, our Director of Product Development, set Alan and Karen up with some of our new waterproof saddle covers prior to their big tour. Below is a note that Alan sent post-tour:

Karen and I are back from our magical bicycle adventure. We rode back into Madison from Minneapolis on September 10 after visiting our children. We had driven our bikes back from Maine to Minneapolis but wanted to keep the magic going a little longer by riding the 300 miles back to our driveway. All together we rode just shy of 5900 miles since leaving Seattle on May 21. We were on the bikes for 99 days and traveling for 110 days or so.

The seat covers held up well. As you know, I rode with mine on my Brooks saddle whenever it was raining and we both used it to cover our seats every night to protect them from dew and from rain. I’d say they passed the 5900 mile test. Mine was getting a tad worn, but always seemed to keep my Brooks saddle dry regardless of the amount of rain we were in.

Thought I would send a couple of photos of it toward the end of its journey. Thanks so much for letting us be product testers. It was an amazing journey that exceeded all our expectations. Thank you for being part of our journey.