New Blood

Posted on Oct 30th 2008 | Blog, News,

2008 has been a heck of a year for us. As soon as gas hit $4 a gallon, things really got rolling for us. (Not that they weren’t already!) We’ve been a small company since we started, but lately, we’ve had to add a few new folks. About two months ago, we hired Heath Fossen to step in to hand the development of new products. Heath brings several years of industry experience and product management to the table, plus he loves bikes, so the fit was natural.
Then, we hired Kristin Wentworth, to help out around Planet Bike HQ and to manage our Grass Roots race program. Kristin was already in the fold, riding nationally for our Elite Cyclocross team.
This past Monday, Mark Lalonde came on board to handle our warranty department and some of our inside sales. Like Kristin, Mark is also racing ‘cross for Planet Bike this fall.
And as long as we’re talking ‘Cross, you can follow along with Kristin and Mark’s exploits by clicking the links to their blogs along the right side of this page.