NICA Expands with Three New Leagues

NICA Expands with Three New Leagues

Posted on Jul 27th 2018 | bicycle, Kids on bikes, NICA, Planet Bike,

The National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) announced the addition of three new Leagues this week. The newest states to join NICA are Montana, Florida and Indiana. Adding these three leagues brings to total number of leagues nationwide to 25.

In the press release announcing the new leagues, President of NICA Austin McInerny said, “We are excited to welcome Montana, Florida, and Indiana to the growing NICA community. These new leagues bring with them extensive youth development experience and talent that will enable NICA to flourish in their regions. Geographically, we are expanding in the mountain west, midwest and now stretching along most of the Eastern seaboard of the U.S.A. Our National NICA team is looking forward to helping guide these new leagues with training and support in preparation for their inaugural seasons. With the addition of Montana, Florida, and Indiana, NICA now has the capacity and infrastructure to serve nearly 70% of our country’s population, which puts us well on our way towards fulfilling our mission of providing every youth in America the opportunity to build strong mind, body, and character through interscholastic cycling.”

To learn more on the expansion and NICA head over and check out the full press release: NICA’s Full Press Release