Planet Bike Awards $24,000 to Six Bicycle Advocacy Groups

Planet Bike Awards $24,000 to Six Bicycle Advocacy Groups

Posted on Apr 3rd 2018 | Advocacy, Better World,

We have awarded $24,000 to six bicycle non-profit organizations. The recipient organizations are working to provide programs that attract people to cycling and infrastructure projects to move bicycling forward across the country.

We award grants based on three focus areas: People, Places and Policy. Our advocacy goals include:

  1. People: Planet Bike supports programs that enable all members of the community to have access to the tools and resources to become lifelong cyclists.
  2. Places: Planet Bike promotes the construction of safe, comfortable and convenient bicycle networks suitable for people ages 8 to 80 years old that connect to where people live, work, shop and play.
  3. Policy: Planet Bike encourages local, state and federal governmental policies and budgets that support complete bicycle networks for all people.

The following organizations have received support from Planet Bike in this round of funding:

League of American Bicyclists

The League of American Bicyclists represents bicyclists in the movement to create safer roads, stronger communities and a bicycle-friendly America. They define standards and share best practices to engage diverse communities and build a powerful, unified voice for bicycling.

 National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA)

National Interscholastic Cycling Association sees a future where every American youth has the opportunity to build strong body, mind and character through cycling. NICA provides leadership, services and governance for regional leagues to produce quality mountain bike events and support every student-athlete.

Free Bikes 4 Kidz Madison (FB4K)

Free Bikes 4 Kidz is a non-profit organization geared toward helping all kids ride into a happier, healthier childhood by providing bikes to families most in need. FB4K organizes hundreds of volunteers to clean and refurbish donated used bikes. In 2018, FB4K Madison will give away more than 1,000 bikes to kids in need.

Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin

The Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin cultivates, motivates and unites a strong community of citizens and business and political leaders to move bicycling forward in Wisconsin. Planet Bike’s support funds outreach to women, children, families, and people of color through Latino Rides, Mobile Bike Repair, Bike & Walk to School programs and other educational and outreach initiatives.

City of Chicago Bicycling Ambassadors

The Chicago Bicycling Ambassadors program is leading the charge for a safe, healthy and sustainable transportation environment in the greater Chicago area. The Bicycling Ambassadors deliver bike handling classes and encouragement programs to make Chicago a haven for active transportation. Ambassadors promote bicycling at schools, parks, libraries, businesses, block parties, bike rides, farmers markets, and festivals. In 2017 ambassadors attended over 600 events.

 Trips for Kids

Trips for Kids envisions a world where kids from all walks of life have the opportunity to know the joy of riding a bike and the freedom to explore the natural world on two wheels. They deliver transformative cycling experiences through an international network of chapters that promote healthy lifestyles, environmental awareness and personal empowerment for young people of all communities, especially those most in need.