Planet Bike Toronto Cyclocross

Posted on Oct 21st 2009 | Bike Life, Blog,

The Planet Bike Elite CyclocrossTeam had quite a showing this past weekend at the Toronto International Cyclocross event. Day 1 was recognized as a UCI C1 race where racers were greeted with a technical and grueling course. On the men’s side Tristan Schouten was 5th and James LaLonde finished 13th. For the women it was Linda Sone who snatched 2nd place with Kristin Wentworth and Kaitie Antonneau in 3rd and 4th. On Day 2 the course changed completely but that didn’t stop Tristan Schouten from finishing 5th and James LaLonde again finishing 13th. The ladies decided to mix it up a little bit with Kaitie Antonneau finishing 2nd, Linda Sone 4th and Kristin Wentworth in 6th.