Planet Bike’s 6th Annual Bacon on the Bike Path

Planet Bike’s 6th Annual Bacon on the Bike Path

Posted on May 21st 2012 | Bike Life, Blog, Events,

Another Wisconsin Bike to Work Week has passed, leaving bike commuters across the state in an endorphin-infused high. The crew at Planet Bike once again pulled out all the stops for our 6th annual Bacon on the Bike Path. The catchy name certainly hints at the carnivorous aspect of the event, there was something there for all to enjoy.

The event starts days in advance behind the scenes. The grilling systems are checked over and tested. Signs are checked out. Food is ordered. Finally, the day before the big event all the gear is loaded onto our bikes. We’re very proud that we transport everything we need by bicycle, several hundred pounds in all. PB employees Chris and Billy both utilize their Big Dummy cargo bikes while the rest of use make use of either BOB or child trailers.

Our day begins quite early with most of the crew leaving their homes on their fully-loaded bikes around 6am. In our 6th year of the event, most everything is dialed in to the smallest detail. By 6:30 am Chris and Heath are already manning the grills in an attempt to stock up the bacon before the rush begins. Dave and Kristin pick up kosher donuts from the local Greenbush Bakery while I hauled in about 30 lbs of fruit from our local Cooperative Grocery Store. Billy and Jay haul in the remaining items needed. By 7am everything is running smoothly. Signs are set up, a bike parking coral is taped off, and the commuters begin piling in.

Planet Bike was joined by The Bike Federation of Wisconsin, who set up shop to sign up new members. New member sign-up was quite a deal with an included bonus of a year’s membership to the Madison B-Cycle! Williamson Bike Works also made the short trip over to offer minor bike adjustments. In addition, the folks behind Madison’s Little Free Library set up a display of their ingenious and creative free book exchange.

We can’t forget about the other’s who provided food and drink! Madison’s worker-owned Just Coffee Cooperative provided around 20 gallons of their Bike Fuel coffee. They even delivered it by bike (actually, they do all local deliveries by bike)! Last but not least, Nueske’s Applewood Smoked Meats from Wittenberg, WI provided us with 35 lbs of their world famous bacon!

Not a frown was found at the event, and we could not have pulled it off again without the support of the event sponsors and the wonderful bike commuter community of Madison, WI. Thanks all for coming out and we’ll see you again next summer!

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