Progress in Wisconsin!

Posted on Jan 22nd 2014 | Advocacy, Blog, News,

From the Wisconsin Bike Fed: The state Senate Transportation Committee voted unanimously this morning to recommend our vulnerable users bill (SB-307) for passage. All three Republicans and two Democrats voted for the bill. The bill now moves on for scheduling for a vote before the full Senate.

In order to get the bill through committee the Bike Fed did accept an amendment which delays the bill’s effective date until after passage of the next biennial budget – about 18 months from now. This was necessary because several senators would not have voted for the bill if it was opposed by the Department of Transportation. The DOT threatened to oppose the bill if its cost to the department (about $75,000 for adjustments to their computer software systems) was not covered. By delaying the effective date it gives the DOT time to find the funds in the next budget cycle.

An identical Assembly Bill has already had its public hearing in the Assembly Transportation Committee. That bill may be voted on soon in that committee. If all goes well, we can expect the bill to pass both houses before the legislature adjourns in March.

Thanks to all of you who contacted members of the Senate Committee to voice your support. Please follow up now with a thank you for their positive vote. Please also thank Sen. Luther Olsen, the bill’s primary author. — Dave Cieslewicz, Executive Director