Rebuild your gear, shipping is free!

Rebuild your gear, shipping is free!

Posted on Mar 23rd 2017 | Learn, Product,

All of us here at Planet Bike try to be conscious of our impact on the earth and we design our products to be easily rebuildable. We offer loads of small parts on our website (132 to be exact!) so that one missing bit doesn’t mean you have to throw something away and start over with a new product. The best part? We offer free shipping on all small parts.

That’s right, we really and truly want you to fix rather than replace and we want to make it easy and affordable to do that. Thus, we keep the prices on the parts reasonable and we don’t charge any shipping to send them to you.

Need an extra bracket for your tail light? We offer them here for $5.

Need one of those little bolts that holds your fender stays to the fender? We’ve sell those in a pack with a rubber cap and nut for $1.

Found a rack at a garage sale without any hardware? Here’s everything you need to get it installed on a bike for $4.

Maybe your old floor pump just doesn’t seal around the valve like it used to? Get a new updated auto head updated auto head for $7.

So, if you’re doing a little spring cleaning and find some Planet Bike gear in need of a little love, check out our small partsp age and get it back up and running as good as new without breaking the bank.