Ringing Madison’s bell at the National Bike Summit

Posted on Mar 15th 2010 | Advocacy, Blog,

National Bike Summit, Day 2: Krista Rettig of Trek moderated a panel discussion about the lessons learned here in Madison about making our city bike friendly. Mayor Dave, Chris Fortune of Saris and Kevin Hardman of the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin were the panelists. See the pix below.

Mayor Dave gave a droll review of the history of cities and why Madison is so lucky to exist between two lakes (it forced our density up) and gave a summary of the City of Madison’s progress on the Platinum Bike Planning Report. (Slow but sure, it’s getting done.)

Chris Fortune talked about the importance of partnerships between private enterprise and government. He also touched on the importance of developing a fun bike culture and had a slide highlighting Planet Bike’s Bacon on the Bikepath held during Bike To Work Week.