Rude Awakening

Posted on Mar 2nd 2010 | Bike Life, Blog,

With temperatures hovering in the mid-thirties, spring fever has begun in Madison. Being an optimist (perhaps overly), I shed the studded tires from my commuter bike. I went with a small knobbed mountain bike tire just in case we get another snow or ten.
The lack of resistance and lack of the studded tire buzz made for a pleasant commute yesterday. Today I hopped on my bike and darted down the hill I reside upon. Not more than two minutes from my house I hit an uneven patch of ice, sending me skidding across the pavement. I can handle a little road rash, but in addition, I also tore two holes in my beloved Craft pants and shredded my oh so stylish Brooks leather bar tape (in British Racing Green nonetheless)! Let it be noted, my first of many rude awakenings for 2010…winter is not over.