The Air Smith will keep you on the Road

The Air Smith will keep you on the Road

Posted on Nov 19th 2012 | Blog, Product,

Another two items fresh to the Planet Bike warehouse are the Air Smith ALX and Comp mini pumps. There are similar items on the market, but we’ve made some superb upgrades and still managed to keep the Air Smiths affordable.

The ALX model utilizes an aluminum barrel, shaft and handle while the Comp is constructed with a composite handle and barrel and an aluminum shaft. The flexible hose is stowed away inside the pump when not in use. Simply unthread the head and extend to use. Our stash-away presta adapter in the other end also comes in handy if you need to use the gas station compressor.

This morning I was afforded the chance to test out the ALX model when I punctured my front tire. I’m happy to report that it worked swimmingly.