The Freak

Posted on Nov 23rd 2010 | Advocacy, Bike Life, Blog,

One of my favorite bike advocates is Kevin “The Freak” Freeman. Kevin has spent an enormous amount of time and effort making his community of Fayetteville, TN a more bicycle friendly place. From trail building to promoting a cyclocross series he pours his heart into helping others lead a healthy lifestyle. Kevin forwarded the following request for support the other day:

“Please sign our petition so we can show our recreation board and our board of Mayor and Aldeman that more than a few people from Fayetteville and Lincoln County enjoy trails! 25 years ago Chattanooga started the River walk Greenway project, now tourist drive from all over the State to see the beauty that lies on the banks of the Tennessee River. 25 years from now we can look at a polluted river and wonder why are children have respiratory health issues or we can share the flora and fauna of the Elk River Trail with thousands of Tennesseans! Pollute our river front and endanger our children or choose Health and wellness, these 4 miles of trails are worth millions if we just give them a chance like the River Walk in Chattanooga… sign the petition!”

Check out his blog for tons of photos and videos on his projects.