This land is our land

This land is our land

Posted on Jul 2nd 2012 | Bike Life, Blog,

With the traffic, the property line fences, and no trespassing signs I sometimes forget public land is meant for all of us. If you’re up for an adventure there are some real gems out there. My favorites include rivers and lakes by canoe, backcountry trails by foot, and of course any type of road or trail by bike. It’s difficult to mix these three categories however Chris and I found a real sweet spot in-between where the trail ends and the lake begins.

I’ve taken a few red eye flights, but a red eye boat ride across Lake Michigan? Ok, sure. I’ll sleep on a deck chair under the stars! Arriving in Ludington MI at about 5:30 am we find the beach ASAP and head north. For the most part, we have uninterrupted beach riding for 35 miles, camp along the way, and meet a lot of people wanting to know about the bikes and where we are headed.

We have four days of eat, ride, eat, sleep, and repeat. We share the beach with vacationers from California, fellow campers, Eagles, nesting Piper Plovers, Lighthouse attendees from Ohio, and the locals up and down the coast. Public lands and waterways are really special places meant to be shared and enjoyed by everyone. And just like bikes, they bring us together with a common appreciation for nature and the outdoors.
Enjoy the holiday! I hope you find someplace you’ve never been!