Tristan in Belgium

Posted on Dec 28th 2007 | Blog, News,

For most of us, the cyclocross season ended with States or Nationals, but Planet Bike’s Tristan Schouten is still going. Just this last week, he’s already hit 3 world class events in about 5 days. On the 23rd of December, he finished 28th at the Grand Prix Montferland in the Netherlands, on the 26th of December he DNF’d the World Cup race at Hofstade in Belgium when he thought he was pulled but wasn’t, and then just today, finished 43rd at the race in Loenhout, Belgium.

Regardless of what those numbers mean to you, to us they mean everything because he is representing Planet Bike, Wisconsin and the US very well, in our humble opinion. Tristan is using this trip is a warm up for the Cyclocross World Championship in Treviso, Italy, Jan. 26-27. Currently, he is one of only a half dozen Americans at these races.

In an email I got from him this afternoon he said “…it’s so freakin hard! I turn myself inside out for 43rd place but the courses and atmosphere are so cool it’s worth it.”
You can keep track of his progress on his blog here.