Use it, but don’t lose it

Posted on Aug 21st 2008 | Bike Life, Blog, Learn, Product,

I currently live about 12 miles from the office; past the edge of town, through the country and into the next town. If, for what ever reason, I’m riding back after dark, it is VERY dark. I permanently installed a prototype Blaze Dynamo light on the front rack of my bike, and since I always ride with the same Chrome backpack, I started thinking about a way to permanently affix a tail light to it.
For a while, I just used the belt clip to hang the light on a zip tie that ran through the buckle in the center of the bag. But the light would swing around, and always wanted to point downward. Also, I wanted to have it more to the left side of the bag to face cars as they pass me.
We acquired a grommet tool kit a couple of years ago while working on our Interbike booth, and after work one night I got to thinking that some grommets might be a great way to attach a light.
I removed the belt clip from my Superflash Stealth, punched four holes in the rubberized canvas flap, installed the grommets and cinched the light down with 2 zip ties. Simple, effective, cheap and I think it doesn’t look too shabby. This method would also work on the back of a seat pack, a kid trailer, etc. You can get a grommet kit from your local hardware.