Meet the New Compact and Powerful Blinky Squared Bike Tail Light and Combo Set

Meet the New Compact and Powerful Blinky Squared Bike Tail Light and Combo Set

Posted on Jun 21st 2024 | NEWS, PRODUCT,

We have launched two new bike lights for the 2024 summer cycling season. The Blinky Squared is a small but powerful bike tail light, and the Beamer 200 & Blinky Squared combo set offers great front and rear illumination. These new additions are not only compact in design but are also loaded with powerful illumination, ensuring that cyclists can pedal with confidence and visibility.

The Blinky Squared rear bike light is a compact 1.25-inch square light that packs a ton of punch for a light this size! Engineered with cutting-edge chip-on-board technology, this bicycle tail light utilizes a 15 LED circular array that emits 30 lumens of light in all directions. Four mode options, two steady settings and two flashing settings (Courtesy™ & Superflash™ Day), ensure that bikers are seen from a distance, even in bright day-time conditions. The memory function allows cyclists to start in the same mode they set on their previous ride. The rechargeable 260 mAh lithium-polymer battery is fast-charging via a USB-C port and will keep the rear light powered for up to 15 hours.

The Blinky Squared is sold separately and we have also paired it with the diminutive Beamer 200 USB-C rechargeable headlight making it our most compact combo set, yet. The Beamer 200 uses reflector lens technology to provide a bright, consistent 200 lumen beam that extends visibility and ensures that cyclists are seen by others on the road. High and low beam steady modes plus two flashing modes let riders pick the best illumination for the conditions.

Both the Beamer 200 and the Blinky Squared are water and dust resistance rated to the IP66 standard providing reliable light in all weather. The A3 cam™ bracket makes the headlight simple to mount and securely connects it to handlebars with diameters ranging from 22.0 to 31.8mm. The Blinky Squared utilizes a tool free stretch strap mount that can be mounted to nearly any round tube and the angled back puts the light in a good position for cyclists to be seen by other riders and motorists.

These two new offerings from Planet Bike offer generous run times, fuss-free mounting, fast recharging and a whole lot of light.

Blinky Squared bike tail light – MSRP: $19.99

Beamer 200 & Blinky Squared bike light set – MSRP: $39.99