Fall E-news Letter

Posted on Nov 6th 2009 | Blog, News, Product, Quarterly Dispatch,
Don’t forget to check out our most recent e-news letter. The e-news letter is released quarterly and contains an information section, product feature, advocacy update, and a featured supercommuter. Be sure to add yourself to the list so you receive the newsletter via e-mail in the future. […] read more...

Bike Accessories for a Safer Ride

Posted on Nov 2nd 2009 | Blog, Product,
This morning, the Los Angeles Times did a piece featuring accessories to make your bicycle ride safer. If you don’t have access to a hard copy of the newspaper, you can read it here. One of the featured items was our Spok tail light which is a very affordable, versatile single LED light. Save money and buy the set! […] read more...


Posted on Oct 23rd 2009 | Blog, Product,
That’s right, wool socks just in time for all that cold rainy drizzle we’ve been suffering through for the past week. As always, Sockguy has done a phenomenal job with our newest batch. Navy blue with a grey Planet Bike logo. Check ’em out HERE! […] read more...
Blaze 2W Goes Live!

Blaze 2W Goes Live!

Posted on Oct 13th 2009 | Blog, Product,
Our newest and brightest headlight, the Blaze 2W is now available for purchase on our website! See what all the LED gurus are raving about!
New Cycling Caps

New Cycling Caps

Posted on Jul 9th 2009 | Blog, Product,
We’ve partnered up with Walz Caps to produce two versions of high quality 4-panel cotton cycling caps. They come in two different sizes as well. The Planet Bike logo is embroidered on the right side. Take a closer look at them here. […] read more...

Spring Arrivals

Posted on May 15th 2009 | Blog, Product,
Don’t forget to check out some of our new Spring Arrivals here, here, and here . Look for them in your local shops and on the street. […] read more...
The New Backpack

The New Backpack

Posted on Apr 15th 2009 | Blog, Product,
Cargo isn’t just for ships and eighteen-wheelers anymore. Yesterday we stocked up a large portion of our warehouse with the new Escape Pod. Works great for hauling a change of clothes, lunch, or your various prized possessions. The tight seal and keyed lock keep the riff raff out. […] read more...

See the Light (and be seen)

Posted on Feb 4th 2009 | Blog, Product,
We want you to be safe when you’re out pedaling around town. That’s why we developed that fantastically intense POW! POW! blink blink burst of the Superflash tail light. Did you know that we also employ that same eye-catching strobe in our Blaze 1w headlight? We do, and people are really starting to take notice. Se […] read more...

Spread the Holiday Cheer!

Posted on Dec 30th 2008 | Blog, Product,
We know you’ve spoiled your friends and family with love and gifts over the Holiday season. Isn’t it about time that you spoiled yourself? There’s no better way than treating yourself to the most awesome light sets on the planet, the Blaze 1W & Superflash light set. We’ve paired up the uber-bright Blaze 1W LED he […] read more...

Interbike Wrap Up

Posted on Oct 15th 2008 | Blog, Product,
Every year it’s a big job packing up all of our stuff and moving it to the desert for a few days. It’s worth it to visit with dealers, and see our other friends in the industry. Most of the time we’re pretty happy to just run the company from the shadows, but this year a couple of us ended up making it on some film, w […] read more...

Use it, but don’t lose it

Posted on Aug 21st 2008 | Bike Life, Blog, Learn, Product,
I currently live about 12 miles from the office; past the edge of town, through the country and into the next town. If, for what ever reason, I’m riding back after dark, it is VERY dark. I permanently installed a prototype Blaze Dynamo light on the front rack of my bike, and since I always ride with the same Chrome ba […] read more...

Get Some!

Posted on Aug 19th 2008 | Blog, Product,
We’ve had a lot of interest in our Blaze 1 Watt light since it was reviewed a couple of times this past spring. Well, we finally have some in stock. If you are looking for one, act now, ’cause they’re going to go quick! A large chunk of this shipment has already been sent to our distributors as well, so your local sho […] read more...

Editors Choice For Super Set

Posted on Aug 5th 2008 | Blog, Product,
We were delighted this week when the September 2008 issue of Bicycling Magazine showed up and our Blaze/Superflash light set had been bestowed with an Editors Choice award for light sets. We like to think we are doing a good job with our products, and sales have been pretty good this year, but getting a nod from a pre […] read more...

Spring is in the air!

Posted on Mar 6th 2008 | Blog, Product,
Over the last several weeks, we’ve been ramping up for spring. Trucks have been dropping by to deliver new products and more trucks have been leaving with that same new product and lots of our old favorites bound for a shop near you. We’re excited about a bunch of new products that will be hitting the shelves this sp […] read more...

Blaze light in the media

Posted on Oct 25th 2007 | Blog, Product,
We’re very proud of the Blaze head light. Bang for the buck, I feel it is our best light. Now that it has been teamed with the Superflash in the “Super Set” we’re starting to see more and more of them head out the door. We were delighted on Monday when it showed up in the December issue of Bicycling Magazine in this m […] read more...

New Aquilo gloves in stock!

Posted on Oct 9th 2007 | Blog, Product,
Inspired by our heros of great cold weather races like Paris-Roubaix and The Iceman Cometh, the Aquilo glove will keep your fingers warm, when the weather turns cooler. Designed as a cool weather glove for early morning training rides and late season ‘cross races, the windproof Aquilo is named for the Roman personific […] read more...
Limited Edition Pink Cascadia Fender Sets

Limited Edition Pink Cascadia Fender Sets

Posted on Sep 20th 2007 | Blog, Product,
We decided to do something fun this fall and offer a limited edition version of our Cascadia fender sets in pink. How limited is the run? We’ve got maybe 10 sets of each size left (road, hybrid, mountain, and 29er). We don’t have them up on our online store, so if you want a set please call us toll free at 866.256.8510 […] read more...
News You Can Wear

News You Can Wear

Posted on Aug 7th 2007 | Blog, Product,
We often get requests to do T-Shirts. Its been a while, but we’ve got a new design in stock as of this week. You can get your own here.

Roadie Pump Review

Posted on Jul 5th 2007 | Blog, Product,
Our product design philosophy consists of two main tenets. We realize that sometimes it’s hard to get up the motivation to ride, so the first rule is that our stuff should be easy to use in order to make riding more simple and enjoyable, never more complicated. The second is that everything should be rebuildable in or […] read more...
Cascadia thoughts, from Cascadia

Cascadia thoughts, from Cascadia

Posted on Mar 15th 2007 | Bike Life, Blog, Product,
When we were looking to find a good name for our new fenders, we wanted a word that would conjure up thoughts of misty mountains, foggy hinterlands, driving rain, slop and sleet, without sounding like a bad ride. That’s tough to do. But we knew of a place, where all those things can hit at a moments notice, but the rid […] read more...

While Supplies Last

Posted on Feb 21st 2007 | Blog, Product,
The Cascadia has landed! If you’re looking for a full coverage fender with the biggest Mud-Flap in the business, then you’re in luck because the whole line of Cascadia Fenders is now in stock. This includes the 29er version, which has been long awaited by the big wheel set. Check out Guitar Ted’s recent review at twen […] read more...

Frost Bike and New Products

Posted on Feb 15th 2007 | Blog, News, Product,
This weekend is the annual dealer show at Quality Bicycle Products up in the Twin Cities. Most of us will be heading out Friday morn, but Jay will be here to help you with questions on Friday should the need arise. For us, Frost Bike is the kick off of the season and we’re looking forward to the warmth and longer days […] read more...

When will you have ______ in stock?

Posted on Feb 7th 2007 | Blog, Product,
Can’t wait to get your hands on some of our 29er fenders or the hard-to-find BRT Straps? Here is an update on when (we think) everything will be in stock on our website and your local bike shop: – Cascadia Fenders: February 23 – Blaze half-watt headlight: March 9 – BRT Strap: March 1 […] read more...

Borealis gloves back in stock

Posted on Feb 5th 2007 | Blog, Product,
Fingertips rejoice! We now have all sizes of our Borealis gloves back in stock, just in time for the coldest weather of this winter. Ask for them at a shop near you!