Courtesy is as Courtesy does.

Posted on Nov 29th 2012 | Blog, Product,
Over the past several weeks I’ve been calling to attention some new offerings for this year. The third item and perhaps the prettiest is the Courtesy Bell Classic. In addition to the retro feel the Brass or Silver Classic offers, it commands attention with a deep melodic twang. So if our stealth sized Courtesy Bell do […] read more...
The Air Smith will keep you on the Road

The Air Smith will keep you on the Road

Posted on Nov 19th 2012 | Blog, Product,
Another two items fresh to the Planet Bike warehouse are the Air Smith ALX and Comp mini pumps. There are similar items on the market, but we’ve made some superb upgrades and still managed to keep the Air Smiths affordable. The ALX model utilizes an aluminum barrel, shaft and handle while the Comp is constructed with […] read more...
Road Wrap Tachyon

Road Wrap Tachyon

Posted on Nov 15th 2012 | Blog, Product,
A few new products have started rolling into our warehouse over the past week. First in line we have the Road Wrap Tachyon tape. Cyclocrossers rejoice! A nicely cushioned yet grippy (even when wet) bar tape? You’ve got it. Just in time for the fall conditions to turn nasty. Check your local bike shop. Available in whi […] read more...
Interbike is a Wrap!

Interbike is a Wrap!

Posted on Sep 24th 2012 | Blog, News, Product,
The 2012 Interbike Tradeshow has passed once again. Planet Bike was in attendance and it was another successful show. We have a bunch of new goodies that will be coming out to market in the next several months. We have two new mini pumps, the Airsmith ALX and Comp. Both pumps have a retractable hose making it easy to […] read more...

Perfect Inflation

Posted on Sep 6th 2012 | Blog, News, Product,
Last year at about this time we introduced a 25g CO2 cartridge. The size is larger than the standard “road” size CO2 but smaller than the huge mountain bike canisters. Well, now we’re offering it in a 2-pack. recently did a review on the cartridge. Take a peek, maybe it’s exactly what you’re looking […] read more...

Limited Edition Cascadia Fenders

Posted on Apr 19th 2012 | Blog, Product,
Last Fall we asked for preorders for our White Cascadia Fenders. We’ve received the fenders in and shipped them out. There is some remaining stock that we’ve just listed on our webstore, just in case they aren’t available at your local bike shop. […] read more...

It Pays to Pay Attention

Posted on Apr 16th 2012 | Bike Life, Blog, Product,
We love to give away stuff in contest at Planet Bike HQ. If you’re not following either our Facebook page or Twitter account then you’re missing out. Last week we gave away a couple of white eco racks! […] read more...
The Final Verdict

The Final Verdict

Posted on Feb 9th 2012 | Blog, Product,
We sent Guitar Ted a couple of our latest offerings a while back. He just posted his final review of both the Borealis Gloves and the Snack Sack on […] read more...

Tradeshows on the Mind

Posted on Feb 3rd 2012 | Bike Life, Blog, Product,
A lot of “bike people” know about the largest North American bike tradeshow of the year, Interbike, but there are a lot more than just that. As we head into February, I’m preparing to head to shows hosted at 2 of our trusted distributors. Here’s a sneak peak of the booth I’ve been building. What do you think? […] read more...

Snack Sack and Borealis Reviews

Posted on Jan 23rd 2012 | Blog, Product,
For those unfamiliar, Guitar Ted is a bike geek that hails from IA. He always offers a fair and unbiased opinion on products that he tests. So what does he think about a couple of our products? Click to find out. […] read more...

Captain Safety Super Fun Reflective Stickers

Posted on Dec 19th 2011 | Blog, Product,
Just a heads up y’all. Our new Captain Safety Super Fun Reflective Stickers (CSSFRS for short) are in stock! These simple yet ingenious stickers will only add to your visibility, especially in the bleak light of the winter months. Head on over yonder and check ’em out. […] read more...

At Last!

Posted on Nov 14th 2011 | Blog, News, Product,
At last our hugely popular Protege 9.0 Wireless computer gets the update many of you have been waiting for, STEM MOUNT COMPATIBILITY! You can also update your old wireless computer with the stem mount bracket. You talked and we listened. These are available now with the full universal bracket sensor kit (as a separate […] read more...


Posted on Nov 7th 2011 | Bike Life, Blog, Product,
It’s always nice to hear the perspectives of a wide range of cyclists. We feel that our products are great for cyclists across the board, from racers to the casual weekend rider. Dave stumbled upon the blog of a casual rider out in Washington. Check out her thoughts on our Spok light. […] read more...
Return of the White Cascadias!

Return of the White Cascadias!

Posted on Oct 12th 2011 | Blog, News, Product,
You may remember our limited run of white Cascadia fenders a few years back. They went over quite well and were a fun and useful item for those looking for something a little different. After countless conversations, we’ve decided to bring them back in a limited single-run. The white Cascadias will be available in all […] read more...
What's New?

What's New?

Posted on Oct 4th 2011 | Blog, Learn, Product,
An old favorite of winter cyclists just got better. The Borealis winter cycling glove has been redesigned with a windproof outer shell and removable fleece liner to keep the cold out and keep the warm in. The removable liner helps dry time after the ride, and creates a 3-in-1 glove by usi […] read more...

Late Interbike Coverage

Posted on Sep 28th 2011 | Blog, News, Product, stopped by to check out our “fresh produce” at Interbike a couple of weeks ago. In addition to snapping some of our new products, they also named our own Mr. Follmer as “one of the coolest people in the bike business.” Get a sneak peek of things coming down the pipeline. […] read more...

A Word on Durability

Posted on Sep 2nd 2011 | Bike Life, Blog, Product,
It’s always nice to get an email like the one below. Hi – I very recently bought my 23 yo daughter a Superflash at Skirack in Burlington VT. She hadn’t had a chance to use it before her apt was hit by the flooding (due to Hurricane Irene). The water came up to within a foot of her ceiling and there was probably 3 or 4 […] read more...

CO2 Cartridge Production

Posted on May 24th 2011 | Blog, Learn, Product, Video,
I’m constantly wondering how things are made. What does the tooling look like, how big are the machines, what is the raw material before the process starts? One of our more interesting production processes is the manufacturing of CO2 cartridges. This video from the show “How It’s Made” captures the making of a cart […] read more...
Serious Business

Serious Business

Posted on Apr 1st 2011 | Blog, News, Product,
At Planet Bike, we take bicycle safety seriously. That’s why we have developed the Light Suit™. The Light Suit™ will not only ensure 360 degree visibility in traffic, it also looks cool. Note: Photo has been blurred to mask the Light Suit’s™ inherent properties. Look for this great new product at […] read more...

First Impressions

Posted on Mar 24th 2011 | Blog, Product,
We sent our friends over at a new Superflash Turbo to test out last week. First impressions are great. They also have a video of the Turbo and standard Superflash side by side. Kinda makes your head hurt looking at it! […] read more...
What’s new?

What’s new?

Posted on Mar 16th 2011 | Blog, News, Product,
After a brief snafu with the blog that had us locked out, we’re back! Spring is looming on the horizon and we’re getting ready for the busy season. New products are here or on their way. The Courtesy Bells have landed in our warehouse. These are perfect for the busy spring bike paths! No more glaring stares from runner […] read more...

The Turbo Flash

Posted on Feb 16th 2011 | Blog, Learn, Product,
Many are wondering what the heck our new Turbo flash pattern looks like. We took two short videos today to show you what it’s all about. The first is in our bike parking area (I realized there’s a strange clicking noise in the background, it is not caused by the light) and the second video shows the light in daylight. […] read more...
New Comfort GEL Tape colors

New Comfort GEL Tape colors

Posted on Feb 4th 2011 | Blog, Product,
For 2011, we’ve added a few nice new colors to our line of Comfort Cork Tape:Part #5076 Noche Suave (soft night) Part #5077 Cream Part #5078 Deep GreenWhen choosing colors we try to imagine what would look good on a variety of bikes and also colors that we don’t see every day. The Noche Suave is a bit different than […] read more...
Superflash Turbo

Superflash Turbo

Posted on Feb 4th 2011 | Blog, News, Product,
Charles Darwin would approve of our new Superflash Turbo. It’s an evolution in bicycle safety! We synthesized our time-tested design with a powerful 1 watt LED, then added the new attention-grabbing Turbo flash pattern. Naturally, it’s the selection that will give you peace of mind while riding day or night.We’ve just […] read more...
Patch Kits are in!

Patch Kits are in!

Posted on Jan 27th 2011 | Blog, Product,
As Ben Franklin once wrote, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” We would also like to include to the list: “an occasional flat tire!” With the reality of flats in mind, we have come up with the PB Patch Kit. The kit includes 6 SKAB™ self-adhesive patches, abrading square, an […] read more...
Road Wrap is here!

Road Wrap is here!

Posted on Jan 20th 2011 | Blog, Product,
Our new Road Wrap Handlebar Tape harkens back to the days of Italian cycling legend Fausto Coppi. The velvety black and grey tape has retro stitching and perforated holes to create vibration dampening air pockets. – Center raised ridge increases control – Retro stitching and holes add vibration dampening air pockets – […] read more...
Corky Grips

Corky Grips

Posted on Jan 13th 2011 | Blog, News, Product,
For 2011, we have some new products coming down the pipeline. One or two are top secret for now, but some we already have in our warehouse. One of the in stock newbies are the very stylish Corky Grips.By way of the Cork Oak forests of Portugal come our stylish and comfortable Corky Grips. These 100% natural cork grips […] read more...
Sometimes, you just have to leave it all behind.

Sometimes, you just have to leave it all behind.

Posted on Nov 17th 2010 | Bike Life, Blog, Product,
That’s just what Chris and I did yesterday. Loaded up the camping gear and hit the road. Actually it was the Glacier Drumlin trail which is almost right outside our office door. This makes for a fun time and a great time for a little product testing. This trip included some prototypes of some new lights, shoe covers, g […] read more...

NEW Planet Bike K.O.K.O Rack!

Posted on Jun 17th 2010 | Blog, News, Product,
Our new K.O.K.O. rack is in our warehouse and ready to ship. The K.O.K.O. Cargo Rack stands for Keep On Keepin’ On, and we designed it to be a utilitarian workhorse while maintaining clean lines and a simplicity of design. Its triple strut, 6061aluminum construction makes it super rigid and light – perfect for touring […] read more...

Spok Versatility

Posted on May 17th 2010 | Blog, Learn, Product,
It can never hurt to have an extra light on your bike. We’ve come up with some alternate mounting options for our Spok lights. Don’t feel you have to limit it to our suggestions though. You can get as creative as you’d like. […] read more...