Creepy Cool

Posted on Mar 2nd 2007 | Bike Life, Blog,
Planet Bike, I wanted to send you guys this shot from a photo shoot that i did while in school for photography. love my pump and decided to do a blow-up doll. Since this shoot I have relocated to NYC and am working in photography. Anyway, I bought this pump while working for SmartWool (note the socks) back in 2003. I […] read more...

Wednesday Night Ride

Posted on Feb 1st 2007 | Bike Life, Blog,
Winter has officially settled in ’round these parts. The trails are snowed in and finally ski-able, and the mercury regularly bottoms out below zero at night. Only a few intrepid souls venture out on their bikes after dark and about 99.9% of those are commuters coming home from work, or folks running short errands. B […] read more...

Dark Days

Posted on Jan 22nd 2007 | Bike Life, Blog,
“It’s always night, or we wouldn’t need light” -Thelonious Monk We are cycling away from the winter solstice and light is reclaiming the night. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Depending on which end of a time zone you are on, the sun still sets between 4:45 and 5:15 (give or take an hour for those of you […] read more...