Teenagers Kick Our Butts, Pt. 2

Posted on Dec 20th 2012 | Advocacy, Bike Life, Blog,
Planet Bike was a proud sponsor of Recycle-A-Bicycle’s 2012 Youth Bike Summits. We are stoked that the Youth Bike Summit is returning and have signed on as a featured sponsor for the 2013 edition this February! In Recycle-A-Bicycle ‘s eighteenth year, they’ve celebrated some encouraging growth. The Inaugural Youth Bik […] read more...

Every kid needs a bike

Posted on Dec 18th 2012 | Bike Life, Blog, Video,
Our friends at the Workshop at the Oasis bike shop in Nashville recently shared with us how they’ve been working with Hands On Nashville to distribute nearly 400 bikes to kids in need. We donate to various earn a bike programs and are proud of the work these folks are doing. They put together this little video s […] read more...
Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted on Nov 21st 2012 | Bike Life, Blog,
From the Planet Bike family to you and yours, we wish you a splendid Thanksgiving. Stay safe out there everyone!  

Keep on truckin’

Posted on Nov 12th 2012 | Bike Life, Blog,
Madison Bike Winter held a fashion show on Sunday. Here is Below, Peter Gray goes from winter bike ninja to business executive in a flash. The full slide show shows lots of types of people (men, women, executives, slobs, students, etc.) showing off and explaining their winter gear. Thanks to Nathan Vergin for all the […] read more...

Re-think the Auto

Posted on Nov 12th 2012 | Bike Life, Blog,
Who is Mark Gorton? Anyone recall an online music sharing program called Lime Wire that was the focal point of a massive music industry lawsuit? Well, Mr. Gorton created the program. Mark Gorton is also a staunch advocate for bicycle rights. Even some bike advocates label his ideas as too extreme, but I like Mark’s st […] read more...

Caring for the Less Fortunate

Posted on Nov 8th 2012 | Bike Life, Blog,
Our pal over at, RL, got in touch with us a while back with an idea. RL had volunteered helping the homeless in Santa Ana and noticed a huge portion of people using bikes but without proper lights or locks. RL asked if we could donate some product. We were happy to oblige. Thank you for coming up wit […] read more...

Bike Industry Pitches In for NYC

Posted on Nov 1st 2012 | Bike Life, Blog,
The bike industry in New York and nationally is pitching in to help commuters use bikes in post-Sandy New York City this week.The industry and advocates are making the most of an opportunity to help people use their bikes, in hope that they will continue to do so when transportation in the city returns to normal. Read […] read more...


Posted on Nov 1st 2012 | Bike Life, Blog,
The Madison Police Department’s Special Event Unit descended upon Planet Bike HQ last week. Fortunately, it was to express their thanks for our continued support of their bicycle unit! Planet Bike has supported the squad since 2004. It’s not often you get a photo op. like this, so we had to take advantage! […] read more...
Support What You Love

Support What You Love

Posted on Oct 19th 2012 | Advocacy, Bike Life, Blog,
We’ve had a wonderful response to our “Support What You Love” graphic we’ve been using this past year. We just got a small run of these shirts in, so you can let everyone know you’re a bicycle supporter!

Get out the Door…NOW!

Posted on Oct 5th 2012 | Bike Life, Blog,
In many parts of the country, the season is turning. This is especially true in Madison! The trees are covered in Autumnal fire. It’s a spectacle that is one of my favorites to take in. The temperatures are beginning to dip but the sun still shines aplenty. It is my favorite time of the year to get outside and enjoy w […] read more...

12 Time Management Tips

Posted on Aug 14th 2012 | Bike Life, Blog,
Our friends over at Women’s Adventure Magazine have got some really great blog posts on a myriad of subjects. I just saw this one today and thought it was so great I needed to pass it on. […] read more...

Federal RTP Trail Funding Secured for Two Years

Posted on Jul 19th 2012 | Bike Life, Blog,
The Recreational Trails Program (RTP), the federal funding program that supports natural surface trails, has been reauthorized for two years in a bill that the U.S. Congress approved this July. An $85 million program, RTP strongly benefits mountain bikers and funds the development and maintenance of thousands of trai […] read more...

Crusher in the Tushar

Posted on Jul 17th 2012 | Bike Life, Blog, Video,
As a bike racer, I often have a hard time describing the pain of a race that translates to satisfaction at the finish. I think this video does a pretty good job showing this. The Crusher in the Tushar is a 72 mile race in Beaver, UT with 10,000 feet of climbing.2012 Crusher in the Tushar from Fat Cyclist on Vimeo. […] read more...
This land is our land

This land is our land

Posted on Jul 2nd 2012 | Bike Life, Blog,
With the traffic, the property line fences, and no trespassing signs I sometimes forget public land is meant for all of us. If you’re up for an adventure there are some real gems out there. My favorites include rivers and lakes by canoe, backcountry trails by foot, and of course any type of road or trail by bike. It’s […] read more...
The Chequamegon 100; lovely, dark and deep.

The Chequamegon 100; lovely, dark and deep.

Posted on Jun 25th 2012 | Bike Life, Blog,
The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep, And miles to go before I sleep. I’ve been looking forward to this event all year. A free event close to my hometown that boasts over 7k feet of climbing and probably 70% singletrack? Sounds like an adventure.The laid back […] read more...

Weekend Adventures Lie Ahead!

Posted on Jun 21st 2012 | Bike Life, Blog,
Chris and Heath are taking the ferry over to MI for some fat bike beach touring over the next few days. I’d be really jealous if I wasn’t set to head north to ride the best trails in WI at the Chequamegon 100! Hope you all have something equally exciting planned! […] read more...

DC Bikeshare a big Money Saver

Posted on Jun 20th 2012 | Bike Life, Blog, Video,
We stumbled upon this story about how Washington DC’s Capital Bikesharing (CaBi) is saving its members a whopping $891 a year – and reducing their driving miles by five million per year. Pretty interesting stuff. Catch the full article here. […] read more...

Fewer wheels, more fun

Posted on Jun 12th 2012 | Bike Life, Blog,
Thanks to for linking me to this Motor Trends article about a new study that finds the younger generation less interested in car ownership. The findings include these gems: 1) Many young people prefer to use their smartphones while commuting than to drive a car.2) The percentage of young people witho […] read more...

Last Day to donate to USBRS goal!

Posted on May 31st 2012 | Advocacy, Bike Life, Blog,
Adventure Cycling Association is closing in on reaching its $50,000 National Bike Month fundraising goal for the U.S. Bicycle Route System (USBRS). Today is the last official day in the campaign and your gift can make all the difference. Help Adventure Cycling accomplish some key things in the coming year to grow this […] read more...

I never leave home without it

Posted on May 30th 2012 | Bike Life, Blog,
I’m an avid bike commuter and a bike racer. In an average week I log 12-15 hours on the bike. That’s a pretty solid chunk of time spent pedaling around the backroads and mountain bike trails of Wisconsin. I’m also a social media junkie. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn. I love to document my time on the bike and […] read more...
Planet Bike’s 6th Annual Bacon on the Bike Path

Planet Bike’s 6th Annual Bacon on the Bike Path

Posted on May 21st 2012 | Bike Life, Blog, Events,
Another Wisconsin Bike to Work Week has passed, leaving bike commuters across the state in an endorphin-infused high. The crew at Planet Bike once again pulled out all the stops for our 6th annual Bacon on the Bike Path. The catchy name certainly hints at the carnivorous aspect of the event, there was something there […] read more...
Renewed riding with a new partner

Renewed riding with a new partner

Posted on May 11th 2012 | Bike Life, Blog,
My riding habits have changed a lot in the past 18 months. My son was born in April of 2011 and due to the logistical issues that come along with an infant, my riding last summer was limited to an occasional weeknight or weekend ride. While I certainly missed riding regularly I was also pretty content with my new lif […] read more...