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Posted on Nov 22nd 2011 | Bike Life, Blog, Video,
Just Coffee Cooperative is a worker-owned coffee roaster dedicated to creating and expanding a model of trade based on transparency, equality, and human dignity. They strive to build long-term relationships with small-scale coffee growers to bring you a truly incredible cup of coffee. They’re based right here in Mad […] read more...

Bicycle Tune-Up Bill Signed

Posted on Nov 17th 2011 | Advocacy, Bike Life, Blog,
Yesterday, Wisconsin’s Governor signed a bill to implement various updates to bicycle laws. Among the updates were allowing the use of a rear red light in lieu of a reflector, adding handcycles to the definition of bicycle, allowing motor vehicles to pass slow moving vehicles in “no passing zones” when safe, and allow […] read more...
The Cyclocross Diaries

The Cyclocross Diaries

Posted on Nov 10th 2011 | Bike Life, Blog,
Planet Bike’s lone sponsored rider, Jonathan Page, is writing journals on his cyclocross season on Bicycling Magazine’s website. Get a glimpse of what it’s like to race at the top of the sport in Belgium, the cyclocross “holy land”. […] read more...


Posted on Nov 7th 2011 | Bike Life, Blog, Product,
It’s always nice to hear the perspectives of a wide range of cyclists. We feel that our products are great for cyclists across the board, from racers to the casual weekend rider. Dave stumbled upon the blog of a casual rider out in Washington. Check out her thoughts on our Spok light. […] read more...
Preparing for Fall

Preparing for Fall

Posted on Oct 28th 2011 | Bike Life, Blog, Learn,
The approach of Daylight Savings is a sure sign that cooler temperatures and dreary weather are on the way. Madison’s Fall is already well under way. The temperature when I hopped on my bike this morning was 41 degrees and there’s plenty of rain in the forecast. I’ve been a year-round bike commuter as long as I can r […] read more...

Cure for the Bicycle Ban

Posted on Oct 25th 2011 | Advocacy, Bike Life, Blog, News,
Over the past year, there have been several townships in the cycling headlines either banning or attempting to ban cyclists on their streets. I’m not sure where along the line this becomes a “good” idea. Perhaps it comes from some long-standing grudge or maybe it’s just plain ol’ easier than developing infrastructure […] read more...
Supercommuter Part II

Supercommuter Part II

Posted on Oct 24th 2011 | Bike Life, Blog, Super Commuters,
Our most recent Supercommuter, Cecily Walker, has a personal website that is well worth checking out. Wonderful photography, beautiful writing, and a healthy helping of bike content! Check out her website or her Supercommuter profile in our latest newsletter. […] read more...
Fall 2011 Super Commuter – Cecily Walker

Fall 2011 Super Commuter – Cecily Walker

Posted on Oct 13th 2011 | Bike Life, Blog, Super Commuters,
Vancouver, BC –This edition’s supercommuter is written by our friend Alan, the mastermind behind EcoVelo. Alan has a beautiful way with words and photographs. Check out his passion for cycling at EcoVelo.A supercommuter rides through every season, in all types of weather, day and night. Choosing the simplicity, health […] read more...

Bicycle Bucket List

Posted on Oct 11th 2011 | Bike Life, Blog,
We noticed a pretty comprehensive “cycling bucket list” on Bicycling Magazine’s website. I feel pretty fortunate that I’ve been able to ride the following from the list: 1. The Cobbles of Belgium.2. Vermont’s Green Mountains8. Ride a Bike to Work.13. A Charity Ride.19. Blue Ridge Parkway.30. Napa Valley, California.31 […] read more...
What’s With the Pop-up?

What’s With the Pop-up?

Posted on Sep 29th 2011 | Advocacy, Bike Life, Blog,
Over the last few weeks you’ve noticed a pop-up window asking you to sign the People for Bikes Pledge each time you visit our homepage. You may have noticed this same pop-up on many other bicycle websites. What’s the deal? We’re trying to gain support for bikes! It’s quick to sign up and there’s no fee.The bike industr […] read more...

Home Sweet Home

Posted on Sep 27th 2011 | Bike Life, Blog,
In a list released Monday by the State Smart Transportation Initiative, Madison is tied with Portland, OR for the greatest percentage of bicycle commuters. Another reason we love to call Madison home. Read the article here. […] read more...


Posted on Sep 27th 2011 | Bike Life, Blog,
We’re a pretty laid back group here at Planet Bike, but one thing we’re serious about is our bikes. Here’s part of today’s commuter stable—L to R, my Stoic Cycles DRB (dirt road bike), Jay’s Independent Fabrication Planet Cross decked out with ti Jones bars and custom Banjo Cycles rack, and Billy’s Surly Big Dummy. […] read more...

Ride for Reading

Posted on Sep 26th 2011 | Bike Life, Blog,
Planet Bike offered swag and moral support to Ride for Reading’s Interbike Book Delivery. Here’s what they had to say about the event: Although some details came down to the wire, our book delivery via bicycle during Interbike 2011 was rockin’! First, we want to thank Pivot Cycles / BH Cycles for making this delivery! […] read more...

It’s our home for a reason

Posted on Sep 23rd 2011 | Bike Life, Blog,
It’s no surprise to us that Madison, WI can be consistently found on “best places to live” lists. For an active individual, it’s basically a playground. Miles upon miles of great roads to bike on, wonderful mountain bike trails nearby, plowed bike paths in the winter, and the list goes on. It looks like the folks at O […] read more...

A Word on Durability

Posted on Sep 2nd 2011 | Bike Life, Blog, Product,
It’s always nice to get an email like the one below. Hi – I very recently bought my 23 yo daughter a Superflash at Skirack in Burlington VT. She hadn’t had a chance to use it before her apt was hit by the flooding (due to Hurricane Irene). The water came up to within a foot of her ceiling and there was probably 3 or 4 […] read more...

Madison MTB!

Posted on Aug 18th 2011 | Bike Life, Blog, Video,
The folks at CORP, the local Madison non-profit Mountain Bike Club, are no strangers to progressing the mountain bike scene in the greater Madison area. Several years ago they began developing one of the first bicycle friendly parks in Madison at Quarry Ridge. I’ve spent countless morning hours ripping around on […] read more...

People Powered Movement Photo Contest

Posted on Aug 17th 2011 | Bike Life, Blog,
The Alliance for Biking & Walking invites you to enter your best photos of biking and walking in the 2011 People Powered Movement Photo Contest for a chance to win great prizes from Planet Bike, have your images featured in Momentum magazine and help build a free, online library of high-quality pictures for bike- […] read more...

Get in the Saddle

Posted on Jul 29th 2011 | Bike Life, Blog,
Planet Bike is stoked to be on board for the Levi’s/Urban Outfitters Get in the Saddle tour. Find out more …
Cycling in the European cities

Cycling in the European cities

Posted on Jul 19th 2011 | Bike Life, Blog,
Today’s blog comes by way of a guest writer Carlo, the community manager of Cycle Cities , the main website that promotes bicycle tourism in Europe. Carlo offers some great insight into creating your own cycling adventure in Europe.Cycling gives me the opportunity to cover large areas in a short time, but still offers […] read more...

Follow up to Cycling in Cambodia

Posted on Jul 6th 2011 | Better World, Bike Life, Blog,
Here is a cross-post from Quality Bicycle Products Facebook page on their effort to support cycling in Cambodia: QBP Presents Leader of Cambodian Cycling Team with Trove of Bike EquipmentThis past Wednesday, QBP was honored by a visit from Luy Sokum, a championship cyclist and coach from Cambodia. After living in the […] read more...
The Meat of the Story

The Meat of the Story

Posted on Jun 15th 2011 | Bike Life, Blog, Events,
It’s been close to a week since we closed out the 5th annual Bacon on the Bike Path as part of Wisconsin’s Bike to Work Week. As I sit at my desk on this rainy day, I can’t help but wonder how we can make it bigger and better next year. For now though, let me reflect on this year’s edition.The planning started weeks in […] read more...
Cross Country

Cross Country

Posted on Jun 14th 2011 | Bike Life, Blog,
Last week I received an email from a bike industry pal in Milwaukee about a fellow named Lowell Smoger. Lowell is a recent grad who wasn’t quite ready to join the work force yet. He had a grand plan to cycle across the U.S., stopping in at any bike related company that would have him (and dropping off his resume). I w […] read more...

Our frig runneth over…..with bacon!

Posted on Jun 8th 2011 | Bike Life, Blog,
Our frig runneth over…..with bacon! Our friends at Nueske’s came through again this year for the 5th annual Bacon on the Bike Path. This year, our frig is loaded with 35 lbs of the world’s most sizzalicious and delicious bacon. Come join us on Thursday from 7-10am! […] read more...

Making a Mark

Posted on May 26th 2011 | Bike Life, Blog,
I’m ready to make my mark on the bicycle commuting population in the United States and there’s no better time than National Bike Month. I hereby declare May 27th as National Work in Your Chamois Day! You may be asking yourself “do you have the authority to do that?” to which I respond yes, yes I do. Please join me tom […] read more...

Spring cleanin’

Posted on May 23rd 2011 | Bike Life, Blog,
With an unusually slow Friday afternoon, I took it upon myself to clean up the Planet Bike bike parking garage/work area. It wasn’t pretty, but the job got done…our daily commuter bikes are much happier now. The garage housed quite a few gems that have gone unused for years. Two such gems are the formerly prized PB ad […] read more...

Catch and release on the bikepath

Posted on May 18th 2011 | Advocacy, Bike Life, Blog, News,
For many years, Planet Bike has sponsored light give-aways throughout the US to raise awareness of the need for bike lights when riding at night. Volunteers and sometimes police go to popular bike paths after dark and hail bikers without lights. They are offered a free set of lights and while they are being installed […] read more...