Spring Fender Contest

Posted on Apr 13th 2011 | Blog,
Time for another contest folks. Send us your best fender haiku! What’s that? Let’s reference wikipedia: Haiku (俳句), plural haiku, is a form of Japanese poetry, consisting of 17 moras (or on), in three phrases of 5, 7, and 5 moras respectively. Although haiku are often stated to have 17 syllables, this is inaccurate as […] read more...

April Fools!

Posted on Apr 4th 2011 | Bike Life, Blog,
As a lot of you guessed, the below post was our April Fool’s joke. Thanks for playing.
Serious Business

Serious Business

Posted on Apr 1st 2011 | Blog, News, Product,
At Planet Bike, we take bicycle safety seriously. That’s why we have developed the Light Suit™. The Light Suit™ will not only ensure 360 degree visibility in traffic, it also looks cool. Note: Photo has been blurred to mask the Light Suit’s™ inherent properties. Look for this great new product at […] read more...

The Last Lap

Posted on Mar 28th 2011 | Bike Life, Blog,
If you’re a regular reader of our blog, or a follower on facebook, then you’ve likely seen Kristin’s past blogs on Women’s Adventure chronicling her pregnancy. Kristin’s last blog before she becomes a mom is up. Always a great read. […] read more...

First Impressions

Posted on Mar 24th 2011 | Blog, Product,
We sent our friends over at a new Superflash Turbo to test out last week. First impressions are great. They also have a video of the Turbo and standard Superflash side by side. Kinda makes your head hurt looking at it! […] read more...
What’s new?

What’s new?

Posted on Mar 16th 2011 | Blog, News, Product,
After a brief snafu with the blog that had us locked out, we’re back! Spring is looming on the horizon and we’re getting ready for the busy season. New products are here or on their way. The Courtesy Bells have landed in our warehouse. These are perfect for the busy spring bike paths! No more glaring stares from runner […] read more...

Moving Beyond the Automobile

Posted on Feb 22nd 2011 | Advocacy, Blog, Video,
Our friends over at Streetsblog are doing a series of videos on the changing face of transportation. This episode focuses on how bicycles are impacting the way people get around in American cities. Moving Beyond the Automobile: Biking from Streetfilms on Vimeo. […] read more...

The Turbo Flash

Posted on Feb 16th 2011 | Blog, Learn, Product,
Many are wondering what the heck our new Turbo flash pattern looks like. We took two short videos today to show you what it’s all about. The first is in our bike parking area (I realized there’s a strange clicking noise in the background, it is not caused by the light) and the second video shows the light in daylight. […] read more...
Kristin’s Women’s Adventure Blog

Kristin’s Women’s Adventure Blog

Posted on Feb 8th 2011 | Bike Life, Blog,
Kristin has been blogging about her pregnancy over at Women’s Adventure Magazine. In her latest entry she documents a vacation to San Francisco and hiking, biking, and walking around the city. Back at home in Madison it’s still winter though and there is a lot of snow on the ground which means the cross country skiing […] read more...
Superflash Turbo

Superflash Turbo

Posted on Feb 4th 2011 | Blog, News, Product,
Charles Darwin would approve of our new Superflash Turbo. It’s an evolution in bicycle safety! We synthesized our time-tested design with a powerful 1 watt LED, then added the new attention-grabbing Turbo flash pattern. Naturally, it’s the selection that will give you peace of mind while riding day or night.We’ve just […] read more...
New Comfort GEL Tape colors

New Comfort GEL Tape colors

Posted on Feb 4th 2011 | Blog, Product,
For 2011, we’ve added a few nice new colors to our line of Comfort Cork Tape:Part #5076 Noche Suave (soft night) Part #5077 Cream Part #5078 Deep GreenWhen choosing colors we try to imagine what would look good on a variety of bikes and also colors that we don’t see every day. The Noche Suave is a bit different than […] read more...

Ride the Divide

Posted on Jan 31st 2011 | Bike Life, Blog, Video,
Chris, Billy, Heath, and I were lucky enough to be able to see Ride the Divide last Friday as a screening of the documentary came to Madison. It is definitely one not to miss, so if you have the chance, don’t miss it! Ride The Divide Movie Trailer from Ride The Divide on Vimeo. […] read more...
Patch Kits are in!

Patch Kits are in!

Posted on Jan 27th 2011 | Blog, Product,
As Ben Franklin once wrote, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” We would also like to include to the list: “an occasional flat tire!” With the reality of flats in mind, we have come up with the PB Patch Kit. The kit includes 6 SKAB™ self-adhesive patches, abrading square, and repa […] read more...

Bike Winter

Posted on Jan 26th 2011 | Bike Life, Blog,
Dave passed on a great winter cycling resource, Bike Winter. There’s some great info on benefits, safety, and clothing tips for winter cycling.
Road Wrap is here!

Road Wrap is here!

Posted on Jan 20th 2011 | Blog, Product,
Our new Road Wrap Handlebar Tape harkens back to the days of Italian cycling legend Fausto Coppi. The velvety black and grey tape has retro stitching and perforated holes to create vibration dampening air pockets. – Center raised ridge increases control – Retro stitching and holes add vibration dampening air pocket […] read more...

Mission Accomplished!

Posted on Jan 19th 2011 | Better World, Blog,
Four years ago, Madison Mayor Dave Cieslewicz proposed a challenge: reduce Madison’s carbon footprint by 100,000 tons by April, 2011. The Mpower Campaign hoped to achieve its goal by buying renewable wind and solar power; increasing the efficiency of current energy use; installing solar systems. Planet Bike was one o […] read more...

Pregnant on Skis

Posted on Jan 18th 2011 | Bike Life, Blog,
Normally at least a semi regular winter commuter, Kristin has given up biking outdoors this season as her due date looms. It may be cold and snowy in Wisconsin but there are still ways to safely be active while in the third trimester of pregnancy. Check out Kristin’s latest blog entry for Women’s Adventure Magazine. […] read more...


Posted on Jan 17th 2011 | Bike Life, Blog,
PB warehouse guru Chris has been putting the miles on his Surly Pugsley this winter. This morning was no different as he did an early morning tour of Madison along some of the town’s great bike paths.
Corky Grips

Corky Grips

Posted on Jan 13th 2011 | Blog, News, Product,
For 2011, we have some new products coming down the pipeline. One or two are top secret for now, but some we already have in our warehouse. One of the in stock newbies are the very stylish Corky Grips.By way of the Cork Oak forests of Portugal come our stylish and comfortable Corky Grips. These 100% natural cork grips […] read more...
Elite women, U23 & junior men’s squads named for ‘Cross Worlds

Elite women, U23 & junior men’s squads named for ‘Cross Worlds

Posted on Jan 12th 2011 | Blog, News,
Here’s some great news for Planet Bike sponsored racer Katie Compton and former cyclocross team member Kaitie Antonneau. USA Cycling made the teams public on January 7. The men’s team will be announced later this week with Planet Bike rider Jonathan Page looking like a pretty good bet for a team selection.Colorado Spri […] read more...

Warm Feet Revisited

Posted on Jan 10th 2011 | Bike Life, Blog, Learn,
As we all get settled into our winter commuting routines, I figured now is a good time to revisit our winter riding footwear choices. Here’s a little review we did last year on what works for us. One of the first priorities to be concerned with while riding or commuting in the winter is warm feet. We’ve tried a varie […] read more...


Posted on Jan 7th 2011 | Blog, Video,
I don’t know about you, but this video really makes me want to go earn some turns. As Dave would say, “it’s totally blower!” [scattered flurries] from felt soul media on Vimeo. […] read more...


Posted on Jan 6th 2011 | Bike Life, Blog,
Ever wonder what happens to all those unrepairable bicycle tubes and worn out chains that make their way through bike shops? Many times, shops will send them away for recycling. However, there are some very creative individuals out there finding clever uses for worn out bike parts. Andy Gregg from Marquette, MI makes s […] read more...
A very Euro Xmas.

A very Euro Xmas.

Posted on Jan 4th 2011 | Blog,
Well folks, I’m back. In addition to being a Planet Bike employee, I’m also a professional cyclist. I use professional loosely as I’m not paid to do it but I do hold a professional license. My coworkers were kind enough to cover for me as I went on a nearly three week trip to the heart of cyclocross country. The racing […] read more...
Tis the season

Tis the season

Posted on Dec 17th 2010 | Bike Life, Blog,
The holidays are fast approaching. If you live in Portland and have yet to get a Christmas tree you can actually get one delivered by bike to your door. Trees by Bike is a small group of folks from PDX in their second year of using pedal power to get Christmas trees to folks who don’t feel like tying a tree down to the […] read more...

Riding for two in the cold and dark

Posted on Dec 15th 2010 | Bike Life, Blog,
I’ve been sharing my attempts at staying active throughout my pregnancy with Women’s Adventure Magazine. Now that Wisconsin has been slammed with some significant snow I’ve hung up the commuter bike for the year but I was still able to get plenty of cold and dark riding in during November. In my latest blog I go throu […] read more...