Biking Contributes to State Economy

Posted on Feb 2nd 2010 | Bike Life, Blog, News,
Kevin Hardman, Executive Director of the Wisconsin Bicycle Federation was kind enough to share the following information with us today: “A report released today by the University of Wisconsin-Madison shows that bicycling tourism combined with Wisconsin’s world-class bicycle industry contributes $1.5 billion to our st […] read more...

One Step Closer to Rail Transit in Madison

Posted on Jan 29th 2010 | Blog, News,
The city of Madison and Southern Wisconsin are one step closer to making rail transit a reality. Wisconsin is to receive $822 million for passenger rails – which would allow you to leave your car at home the next time you want to travel between Madison, Milwaukee, and Chicago. The project is still in its developmental […] read more...

Employee Glove Choice

Posted on Jan 22nd 2010 | Bike Life, Blog, Learn,
When the weather fluctuates, so does our choice of gear. Next to boots, gloves are one of the most important choices to make when commuting in the winter. Keeping the extremities warm can be tough. This past week has been nice. It seems that we’re experiencing our mid-winter thaw with temps in the lower 30’s. Below yo […] read more...
Employee Bike Feature

Employee Bike Feature

Posted on Jan 21st 2010 | Bike Life, Blog,
Chris built this rigid 29er Salsa El Mariachi just before the snow started to fly. It makes a great commuter for the winter and will be a blast through the single track come summer. The 1×9 gear configuration is perfect for winter commuting whether the streets are clear or covered in ice and snow. […] read more...

Homemade Boot Inserts

Posted on Jan 11th 2010 | Bike Life, Blog, Learn,
Mark brought a great winter biking tip to my attention this morning. Seeing as how we just reviewed a few pairs of winter cycling boots, I thought a follow up boot post would be appropriate. On really frigid days, I found that my toes were still getting cold regardless of what I did to try to keep them warm on the mo […] read more...

Karma Army

Posted on Jan 5th 2010 | Bike Life, Blog,
A few months ago while I was in Providence, RI I met a gentleman promoting the Karma Army. It’s a free website where you can create a log-in and register your bike and instantly notify the community if it is ever stolen. It’s not just for bikes either – you can register your kayak, instruments, motorcycle and much m […] read more...

Employee Review 2 – Winter Boots

Posted on Dec 29th 2009 | Bike Life, Blog, Learn,
One of the first priorities to be concerned with while riding or commuting in the winter is warm feet. We’ve tried a variety of different shoes, boots, covers, and socks. Yes, you can always jam toe warmers into your boots but if you commute daily the cost of warmers really starts to take a toll on the wallet. Below y […] read more...
Planet Bike Employee Winter Tire Selection

Planet Bike Employee Winter Tire Selection

Posted on Dec 23rd 2009 | Bike Life, Blog, Learn,
When I started working at Planet Bike the amount and variety of bicycles and accessories each and every employee rode baffled me. We are constantly tinkering and swapping out parts and components to make the daily commute a little more comfortable. More recently with recent snowfall the daily fleet of commute bikes sta […] read more...
Employee Bike Feature

Employee Bike Feature

Posted on Dec 21st 2009 | Bike Life, Blog,
The snow is definitely here and we have no shortage of it. Have a look at Mark’s daily winter commuter. He hammers out the 25 mile commute on this utilitarian Salsa Fargo equipped with steel studded Nokian Hakkapeliitta’s to keep it upright. […] read more...
2009 Cyclocross Nationals

2009 Cyclocross Nationals

Posted on Dec 15th 2009 | Bike Life, Blog,
Well folks, the 2009 U.S. cyclocross season has come to a close. A large portion of the Planet Bike Team were fortunate enough to be able to race over the weekend at the national event in Bend, OR. Many goals were accomplished, and we are proud to announce that we have four national champions to induct into the Planet […] read more...
Burning Cycle

Burning Cycle

Posted on Dec 10th 2009 | Bike Life, Blog,
At Burning Man this year I met Nate Loyal as we were passing through 7:30 Plaza. As soon as I saw his rig I wanted to get his story. Turns out Nate’s a renowned bike fitter and coach from SoCal. Nate was on a cross country motorcycle trip with his cross bike when he joined his friends at Black Rock City for a few days. […] read more...

Planet Bike Team across the globe

Posted on Dec 8th 2009 | Bike Life, Blog, News,
Team Planet Bike’s 17 year old cross sensation Kaitlin Antonneau has been competing in Elite UCI events all season and her strong results are starting to get noticed. Cyclocross Magazine recently interviewed Kaitie about how her season has been going. Read the article here. This week the UCI point rankings were upda […] read more...
Winter is Here

Winter is Here

Posted on Dec 4th 2009 | Bike Life, Blog,
The 40 to 45 degree temperatures we were experiencing last week dissipated swiftly and Old Man Winter rolled in overnight. As I stepped outside on the first fresh dusting of the year I heard that familiar crunch under my boots for the first time in a while. The cold nipped me in the face like a newborn puppy. You have […] read more...
The day I gave in and wore a skin suit

The day I gave in and wore a skin suit

Posted on Dec 3rd 2009 | Bike Life, Blog,
As I stood at the start line, I realized I’ve never felt this ah-hum “exposed” in a crowd of dudes as I await the race official starting gun. Bang, as we all disperse up the hill I settle in to my comfortable and typical “middle of the pack”. I swear spectators can see my heart pounding through the 0.2mm of spandex tha […] read more...

Bike Tours Inspire Us

Posted on Dec 2nd 2009 | Bike Life, Blog,
We recently heard that Greg McCausland is riding his bike from New York State to the southern tip of South America. We’re following his blog and hope you will too.
Sunday Muddy Sunday

Sunday Muddy Sunday

Posted on Nov 24th 2009 | Bike Life, Blog,
With the domestic cyclocross season winding down, the Planet Bike cyclocross team is showing stunning form. PB employees/team members Kristin Wentworth and James LaLonde, along with teammates Linda Sone and Kaitie Antonneau headed to the North Carolina GP in Hendersonville last weekend. The women started off a dominati […] read more...
Fall 2009 Super Commuter – Jim Freeman

Fall 2009 Super Commuter – Jim Freeman

Posted on Nov 22nd 2009 | Super Commuters,
CHICAGO, IL – A supercommuter rides through every season, in all types of weather, day and night. Choosing the simplicity, health and pleasure of bicycling, a supercommuter simply prefers to ride a bike to the grocery store, to work, to a concert or the cafe. Illinois native and Chicago resident Jim Freeman (aka L […] read more...


Posted on Nov 19th 2009 | Bike Life, Blog, Super Commuters,
Don’t forget to nominate a Supercommuter for our Spring E-News Letter. A supercommuter rides through every season, in all types of weather, day and night. Choosing the simplicity, health and pleasure of bicycling, a supercommuter simply prefers to ride a bike to the grocery store, to work, to a concert or the cafe. We […] read more...

Turning of the Tides

Posted on Nov 19th 2009 | Bike Life, Blog,
Today’s sign of the Apocolypse: James took the crown from Chris’ possession and then proceeded to hold off all challengers!

We Have a Winner!

Posted on Nov 17th 2009 | Bike Life, Blog,
We received a lot of great submissions over the weekend and it wasn’t easy to choose one. We chose the following entry for its honesty and the bicycle exuberance described by the writer. We wish Brett R. many happy miles to come. I love my bike for its aesthetic and mechanical excellence. It’s a simple thing. […] read more...

Confidence Regained – and the Crown

Posted on Nov 11th 2009 | Bike Life, Blog,
In an extreme effort to redeem himself during the 4 p.m. showdown Dave showed everyone who is boss when it comes to table tennis. After winning the final game 11-9 Dave’s voice could be heard echoing throughout the halls of Planet Bike, “I’M BACK, I’M BACK!”

Light Finder 2010

Posted on Nov 9th 2009 | Bike Life, Blog,
We shot our annual Light Finder last week. The weather was perfect! Look for it late this year / early 2010.

Fall E-news Letter

Posted on Nov 6th 2009 | Blog, News, Product, Quarterly Dispatch,
Don’t forget to check out our most recent e-news letter. The e-news letter is released quarterly and contains an information section, product feature, advocacy update, and a featured supercommuter. Be sure to add yourself to the list so you receive the newsletter via e-mail in the future. […] read more...

Bike Accessories for a Safer Ride

Posted on Nov 2nd 2009 | Blog, Product,
This morning, the Los Angeles Times did a piece featuring accessories to make your bicycle ride safer. If you don’t have access to a hard copy of the newspaper, you can read it here. One of the featured items was our Spok tail light which is a very affordable, versatile single LED light. Save money and buy the set […] read more...

The Reigns Have Changed

Posted on Oct 30th 2009 | Bike Life, Blog,
Word has it that the Table Tennis reign has changed at Planet Bike. This is evident from the crown on Chris’ desk. One things for sure, it won’t stay like that for long!
Employee Bike Feature!

Employee Bike Feature!

Posted on Oct 27th 2009 | Bike Life, Blog,
The employee bike feature library is still bursting at the seams. Don’t think that we haven’t realized we’re long overdue for an update! The time has flown by with all the chaos that goes along with Interbike, Outdoor Demo East and the start of the cyclocross season. Since then, we’ve tightened the bolts on our fenders […] read more...