Planet Bike Goes Solar

Planet Bike Goes Solar

Posted on Dec 21st 2007 | Better World, Blog, News,
“Going Green” is a pretty popular buzz phrase these days. It seems like you can’t swing a bag of recyclables without hitting something that is Green lately. There are many things a company can do to go Go Green such as composting, buying off-setting carbon credits, going paper free in the office, or installing motion a […] read more...

Planet Bike team heads to ‘Cross Nats

Posted on Dec 17th 2007 | Blog,
The Planet Bike Sprinter van headed south last Wednesday for Kansas City for the 2007 National Championships of Cyclocross. If you’ve been following the weather, you’ve probably heard that area of the country has been getting slammed by snow and ice for weeks. The race course took a pounding all week, and by this pas […] read more...

Xtreme office work

Posted on Dec 6th 2007 | Bike Life, Blog,
Last night we had the electrical hooked up for our new ten kilowatt solar panel installation. How much power is ten kilowatts? To my dismay, not enough to send Marty McFly back to the future. It will, however, reduce 15 tons of carbon emissions annually. We had to cut the power to Planet Bike HQ to set up the electric […] read more...

New cyclocross photo gallery

Posted on Nov 29th 2007 | Bike Life, Blog,
2007 marked the first year Planet Bike sponsored a racing team. We started small, and with a type of racing that is close to our hearts: cyclocross. We hit up races all over the country, grabbed a few podiums, got muddy, and had a blast. Thanks to Mad Cross, Robin Davies and Djonn for the photos.Here are a few photo […] read more...

Blaze light in the media

Posted on Oct 25th 2007 | Blog, Product,
We’re very proud of the Blaze head light. Bang for the buck, I feel it is our best light. Now that it has been teamed with the Superflash in the “Super Set” we’re starting to see more and more of them head out the door. We were delighted on Monday when it showed up in the December issue of Bicycling Magazine in this […] read more...
Super Commuter Albert Bouchard

Super Commuter Albert Bouchard

Posted on Oct 22nd 2007 | Super Commuters,
NEW YORK, NY – How do cyclists resemble the stars of popular music? Consider a racer in skintight, multicolored outfits, who might correspond to 80s hair-bands like Poison or any bands with “white” in their name. A triathlete or recumbent rider obsessed with the newest, lightest technology could stand in for the elect […] read more...

New Aquilo gloves in stock!

Posted on Oct 9th 2007 | Blog, Product,
Inspired by our heros of great cold weather races like Paris-Roubaix and The Iceman Cometh, the Aquilo glove will keep your fingers warm, when the weather turns cooler. Designed as a cool weather glove for early morning training rides and late season ‘cross races, the windproof Aquilo is named for the Roman personifi […] read more...
Limited Edition Pink Cascadia Fender Sets

Limited Edition Pink Cascadia Fender Sets

Posted on Sep 20th 2007 | Blog, Product,
We decided to do something fun this fall and offer a limited edition version of our Cascadia fender sets in pink. How limited is the run? We’ve got maybe 10 sets of each size left (road, hybrid, mountain, and 29er). We don’t have them up on our online store, so if you want a set please call us toll free at 866.256.8510 […] read more...

Fall is here, and that can mean only one thing!

Posted on Sep 13th 2007 | Bike Life, Blog,
Its true. The time has come once again to put in the toe spikes and dust off the cow bells for cyclocross season! And once again, Planet Bike is proudly the title sponsor of the Wisconsin Cyclocross Series. There are 11 races slated for this year, and it’s going to be awesome!You can go to the WCA cross page for all t […] read more...
News You Can Wear

News You Can Wear

Posted on Aug 7th 2007 | Blog, Product,
We often get requests to do T-Shirts. Its been a while, but we’ve got a new design in stock as of this week.

Aero Monday

Posted on Aug 6th 2007 | Bike Life, Blog,
Dan found a way to reduce the drag caused by a full inbox this Monday morning. I wonder how many watts his fingers are generating on the keyboard?

24 Hours of 9 Mile

Posted on Aug 2nd 2007 | Bike Life, Blog,
It’s officially mountain bike season around Planet Bike HQ, so last Friday we loaded up the Planet Bike Sprinter Van and pointed it northward to the 24 Hour National Championships. Once again this year, the 24 Hours of 9 Mile was the arena where solo riders and teams met to duke it out for the coveted stars and stripe […] read more...

New Swag For Your Feet

Posted on Jul 23rd 2007 | Bike Life, Blog, Product,
We just got a shipment of new red wool socks from Sock Guy today. I’m pretty stoked about how they turned out. You can buy a pair for yourself, or for the feet of someone you love.

Roadie Pump Review

Posted on Jul 5th 2007 | Blog, Product,
Our product design philosophy consists of two main tenets. We realize that sometimes it’s hard to get up the motivation to ride, so the first rule is that our stuff should be easy to use in order to make riding more simple and enjoyable, never more complicated. The second is that everything should be rebuildable in o […] read more...
Second City, first rate

Second City, first rate

Posted on Jun 19th 2007 | Advocacy, Bike Life, Blog, News,
About a week ago, we got a call here at Planet Bike HQ informing us that we were winning some type of award. We were all pretty perplexed, but after a few hours of phone tag, we figured out that indeed, we had been tapped to receive an award from the City of Chicago. Mayor Daley’s Bicycle Advisory Council 2007 award fo […] read more...

Busy busy busy

Posted on May 25th 2007 | Bike Life, Blog, News,
It’s been a pretty busy time around Planet Bike World HQ the last month or so. It’s finally spring, well, now it’s almost summer and we’ve been riding, and working like crazy. We hired a new member of our team, Chris Follmer, to handle our warehousing and shipping duties. Chris has a background in warehouse manageme […] read more...

It Makes You Think

Posted on May 8th 2007 | Bike Life, Blog,
I happened across a series of images by artist Chris Jordan that depict various statistics (fifteen million sheets of office paper are used every five minutes) in a very striking way. I encourage you to let the images load and scroll down through the series. […] read more...

A Dirt Sweat And Gears Race Report

Posted on May 2nd 2007 | Bike Life, Blog,
Lee Unwinn has spent the last few seasons trying to break himself and a few handfuls of our products in the insane arena that is Endurance racing. We listen to his feedback to help design better products for you. This season, aside from being sponsored by us, Lee is also riding for Van Dessel bikes and Ergon grips. He […] read more...


Posted on Apr 27th 2007 | Bike Life, Blog,
Most of the time we aren’t really car guys at Planet Bike. But living in Madison, you kind of have to have a soft spot in your heart for this guy As you can see, Erik couldn’t help taking a run at the champ. […] read more...

Planet Bike Races Into Spring

Posted on Apr 20th 2007 | Bike Life, Blog,
The first Planet Biker to hop into a road race this year was Founder and El Presidente, Bob Downs, who rode in the Great Dane Velo Club Criterium. He managed to get into the breakaway group and snag a podium spot in the sprint. You can check out the action below (Bob is center in the first shot and far left in the s […] read more...

Fast and Furious M-B-M

Posted on Apr 16th 2007 | Bike Life, Blog,
Getting pumped about a 30+ mile race that has about 12 miles of unknown in the middle of it is tough. Throwing in a snowstorm 4 days before the race, adds an element of surprise. But when Saturday dawned sunny and warm, the 16 racers gathered at Madison’s Orton Park were visibly happy with how the weather shook out.Th […] read more...
Madison-Basco-Madison an instant classic?

Madison-Basco-Madison an instant classic?

Posted on Apr 10th 2007 | Bike Life, Blog,
In the spirit of classic European one day races, some of the riders around Madison came up with the idea for the Madison-Basco-Madison. The idea was to have an out and back competitive ride that mixed as many cycling disciplines as we could think of into one tough day in the saddle; a healthy dose of road, some mountai […] read more...

Equality amongst the fendered

Posted on Apr 3rd 2007 | Bike Life, Blog,
In the beginning, there was a bike; and it was good. But in the wetter climes, the riding was muddy. And the people cried out for their bikes and yea, their own selves were wet and covered in mud and grime such that their likenesses were unto a herd of swine. And the gods heard their lamentation and created the f […] read more...

Is it spring or not?

Posted on Mar 28th 2007 | Bike Life, Blog,
Yeah, this is a rant, but I’ll keep it really quick. We had nice weather this weekend, and we all got really stoked to ride. But since then, the weather has steadily deteriorated….well out like a lamb and all that. Here’s to spring weather.
Cascadia thoughts, from Cascadia

Cascadia thoughts, from Cascadia

Posted on Mar 15th 2007 | Bike Life, Blog, Product,
When we were looking to find a good name for our new fenders, we wanted a word that would conjure up thoughts of misty mountains, foggy hinterlands, driving rain, slop and sleet, without sounding like a bad ride. That’s tough to do. But we knew of a place, where all those things can hit at a moments notice, but the rid […] read more...

Creepy Cool

Posted on Mar 2nd 2007 | Bike Life, Blog,
Planet Bike, I wanted to send you guys this shot from a photo shoot that i did while in school for photography. love my pump and decided to do a blow-up doll. Since this shoot I have relocated to NYC and am working in photography. Anyway, I bought this pump while working for SmartWool (note the socks) back in 2003. I […] read more...

While Supplies Last

Posted on Feb 21st 2007 | Blog, Product,
The Cascadia has landed! If you’re looking for a full coverage fender with the biggest Mud-Flap in the business, then you’re in luck because the whole line of Cascadia Fenders is now in stock. This includes the 29er version, which has been long awaited by the big wheel set. Check out Guitar Ted’s recent review at twen […] read more...

Cargo Squirrel

Posted on Feb 21st 2007 | Blog,
If I put a standard rack and panniers on my bike my heels hit the panniers. So I had local frame-builder Ahren Rogers fabricate a squirrel rack. The curvy double-decker one-piece main platform is based on a rack Ahren built for his sweetie. […] read more...

Frost Bike and New Products

Posted on Feb 15th 2007 | Blog, News, Product,
This weekend is the annual dealer show at Quality Bicycle Products up in the Twin Cities. Most of us will be heading out Friday morn, but Jay will be here to help you with questions on Friday should the need arise. For us, Frost Bike is the kick off of the season and we’re looking forward to the warmth and longer days […] read more...