Madison-Basco-Madison an instant classic?

Madison-Basco-Madison an instant classic?

Posted on Apr 10th 2007 | Bike Life, Blog,
In the spirit of classic European one day races, some of the riders around Madison came up with the idea for the Madison-Basco-Madison. The idea was to have an out and back competitive ride that mixed as many cycling disciplines as we could think of into one tough day in the saddle; a healthy dose of road, some mountai […] read more...

Equality amongst the fendered

Posted on Apr 3rd 2007 | Bike Life, Blog,
In the beginning, there was a bike; and it was good. But in the wetter climes, the riding was muddy. And the people cried out for their bikes and yea, their own selves were wet and covered in mud and grime such that their likenesses were unto a herd of swine. And the gods heard their lamentation and created the full […] read more...

Is it spring or not?

Posted on Mar 28th 2007 | Bike Life, Blog,
Yeah, this is a rant, but I’ll keep it really quick. We had nice weather this weekend, and we all got really stoked to ride. But since then, the weather has steadily deteriorated….well out like a lamb and all that. Here’s to spring weather.
Cascadia thoughts, from Cascadia

Cascadia thoughts, from Cascadia

Posted on Mar 15th 2007 | Bike Life, Blog, Product,
When we were looking to find a good name for our new fenders, we wanted a word that would conjure up thoughts of misty mountains, foggy hinterlands, driving rain, slop and sleet, without sounding like a bad ride. That’s tough to do. But we knew of a place, where all those things can hit at a moments notice, but the rid […] read more...

Creepy Cool

Posted on Mar 2nd 2007 | Bike Life, Blog,
Planet Bike, I wanted to send you guys this shot from a photo shoot that i did while in school for photography. love my pump and decided to do a blow-up doll. Since this shoot I have relocated to NYC and am working in photography. Anyway, I bought this pump while working for SmartWool (note the socks) back in 2003. I […] read more...

While Supplies Last

Posted on Feb 21st 2007 | Blog, Product,
The Cascadia has landed! If you’re looking for a full coverage fender with the biggest Mud-Flap in the business, then you’re in luck because the whole line of Cascadia Fenders is now in stock. This includes the 29er version, which has been long awaited by the big wheel set. Check out Guitar Ted’s recent review at twen […] read more...

Cargo Squirrel

Posted on Feb 21st 2007 | Blog,
If I put a standard rack and panniers on my bike my heels hit the panniers. So I had local frame-builder Ahren Rogers fabricate a squirrel rack. The curvy double-decker one-piece main platform is based on a rack Ahren built for his sweetie. […] read more...

Frost Bike and New Products

Posted on Feb 15th 2007 | Blog, News, Product,
This weekend is the annual dealer show at Quality Bicycle Products up in the Twin Cities. Most of us will be heading out Friday morn, but Jay will be here to help you with questions on Friday should the need arise. For us, Frost Bike is the kick off of the season and we’re looking forward to the warmth and longer days […] read more...

When will you have ______ in stock?

Posted on Feb 7th 2007 | Blog, Product,
Can’t wait to get your hands on some of our 29er fenders or the hard-to-find BRT Straps? Here is an update on when (we think) everything will be in stock on our website and your local bike shop: – Cascadia Fenders: February 23 – Blaze half-watt headlight: March 9 – BRT Strap: March 1 […] read more...

Borealis gloves back in stock

Posted on Feb 5th 2007 | Blog, Product,
Fingertips rejoice! We now have all sizes of our Borealis gloves back in stock, just in time for the coldest weather of this winter. Ask for them at a shop near you!

Wednesday Night Ride

Posted on Feb 1st 2007 | Bike Life, Blog,
Winter has officially settled in ’round these parts. The trails are snowed in and finally ski-able, and the mercury regularly bottoms out below zero at night. Only a few intrepid souls venture out on their bikes after dark and about 99.9% of those are commuters coming home from work, or folks running short errands. Bu […] read more...

Dark Days

Posted on Jan 22nd 2007 | Bike Life, Blog,
“It’s always night, or we wouldn’t need light” -Thelonious Monk We are cycling away from the winter solstice and light is reclaiming the night. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Depending on which end of a time zone you are on, the sun still sets between 4:45 and 5:15 (give or take an hour for those of you […] read more...


Posted on Jan 4th 2007 | News,
The brand spanking new site you are beholding is the result of several months of riding, conceptualizing, planning, riding, taking lots of photos and lately a lot of time in front of the computers around Planet Bike HQ. 2007 marks the 10th year of Planet Bike, and we’ve got some big plans for the coming year! The site […] read more...