Bike Feature

Bike Feature

Posted on Aug 5th 2009 | Bike Life, Blog,
Chris had this bike custom built by Banjo Cycles this past spring. A cross between a Surly Big Dummy and a Surly Pugsley this bike has the most carrying capacity I have ever seen. It accepts Xtracycle Wideloaders which demonstrated their usefulness last week when Chris transported our t-shirts to Planet Bike HQ. […] read more...

Riverwest 24

Posted on Jul 31st 2009 | Bike Life, Blog,
We would like to congratulate one of our own, Liz R. on her victory in the woman’s solo category at the Riverwest 24-Hour Bike Race this past weekend in Milwaukee, WI. Liz completed 49 laps while earning an additional 13 laps for bonus checkpoints. Way to go! Photo by Megan. […] read more...

The Easy Way Out

Posted on Jul 30th 2009 | Bike Life, Blog,
Who needs a car when you have a Big Dumb Pug? Chris proved the usefulness of his utilitarian monster truck bicycle yesterday afternoon when he loaded 300+ t-shirts and transported them 5 miles across town to the Planet Bike offices. […] read more...
Thursday Fish Fry

Thursday Fish Fry

Posted on Jul 16th 2009 | Bike Life, Blog,
Traditionally, Wisconsin is home to the Friday night fish fry. We broke the rules today and took advantage of the nice weather as well as the fresh walleye from Jeff’s Canadian fishing expedition.

City of Angels…City of Lights

Posted on Jul 15th 2009 | Advocacy, Blog,
Back in December 2008, the LA County Bicycle Coalition launched a program called City of Lights. The goal of the initiative was to provide to immigrant population in Los Angeles with Planet Bike lights and basic information on safe and legal biking. Planet Bike donated the first 100 lights to help the program get on i […] read more...
New Cycling Caps

New Cycling Caps

Posted on Jul 9th 2009 | Blog, Product,
We’ve partnered up with Walz Caps to produce two versions of high quality 4-panel cotton cycling caps. They come in two different sizes as well. The Planet Bike logo is embroidered on the right side. Take a closer look at them here. […] read more...

Planet Bike Visitor

Posted on Jul 8th 2009 | Blog,
This little guy has been poking his head around Planet Bike for some time now. When he’s not rummaging around in the back 40 he can usually be found on the side of the office munching on our lawn.

WI gets Complete Streets

Posted on Jul 7th 2009 | Advocacy, Blog, News,
Thanks to the leadership of the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin, the state budget that was adopted on June 8th includes a state-wide Complete Streets policy. A “Complete Street” is a roadway designed for all road users, including bicyclists, pedestrians, wheelchair users, car drivers and bus riders. Sounds like a no-b […] read more...

Matembezi Angavu

Posted on Jul 1st 2009 | Bike Life, Blog,
A while back a couple of fellows contacted Planet Bike about a touring trip they were planning from Cape Town to Cairo. It turns out that Quinn Baumberger and Nathan Hurst are both former Wisconsinites. One goal of the trip is budgeting $5 per day, connecting themselves deeper to the environment. They along with three […] read more...
Employee Bike Feature 7

Employee Bike Feature 7

Posted on Jun 29th 2009 | Bike Life, Blog,
Dave commutes on this singlespeed Salsa Casseroll. The long reach caliper brakes leave enough clearance for Planet Bike Fenders to keep Dave dry on those damp days.

Planet Bike Exercise Programs

Posted on Jun 25th 2009 | Bike Life, Blog,
Occasionally after hours of monitor time we need to recharge our batteries. Some companies promote yoga or group fitness programs. Other less fortunate individuals have to manage a desk exercise routine. Here at Planet Bike every now and again you just need a game of table tennis to finish up the day. After the single […] read more...

Bike to Work Week Recap

Posted on Jun 16th 2009 | Advocacy, Bike Life, Blog, Events,
Another Bike to Work Week is in the books thanks to the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin (BFW). As always the week was jam packed with plenty of bicycle related activities well attended by employees of Planet Bike. Several Planet Bike members met at Hillington Green last Tuesday, June 9th for a police escorted bike r […] read more...
Employee Bike Feature VI

Employee Bike Feature VI

Posted on Jun 12th 2009 | Bike Life, Blog,
Heath’s commuter is great for commuting to work or exploring the world. This vibrant, versatile singlespeed is complete with couplers. Look at that color coordination!
Employee Bike Feature Numero Quattro

Employee Bike Feature Numero Quattro

Posted on Jun 1st 2009 | Bike Life, Blog,
Jeff figured out a long time ago that cross bikes make perfect commuters…or touring bikes in this case. Complete with racks and bar-end shifters this makes the perfect all-around bike.
Take your brat to work day

Take your brat to work day

Posted on May 22nd 2009 | Bike Life, Blog,
Chris came up with a heck of a plan for this morning: meet at Olin Park, pedal over to Brat Fest, pick up a couple of Double Johnnys, and ride in to work. Here in Wisconsin, there’s no better way to start the day.

Mark LaLonde Wins Race 1 of WORS Series

Posted on May 20th 2009 | Bike Life, Blog, News,
Planet Bike’s own Mark LaLonde took the overall in the Men’s Cat 1 / Pro Field in Iola, WI Sunday, May 17th. The Planet Bike / GT team rider outpaced the star-studded lead group eventually having to out sprint his brother Jesse at the finish line. This was Mark’s second win ever at a WORS event, a 12-race series whi […] read more...

Spring Arrivals

Posted on May 15th 2009 | Blog, Product,
Don’t forget to check out some of our new Spring Arrivals here, here, and here . Look for them in your local shops and on the street. […] read more...
Employee Bike Feature

Employee Bike Feature

Posted on May 14th 2009 | Bike Life, Blog,
Jay’s custom Independent Fabrication Planet X studded with Planet Bike accessories is the perfect commuter setup. Check out that titanium Jeff Jones H-Bar and custom Ahren Rogers rack!
Employee Bike Feature

Employee Bike Feature

Posted on May 7th 2009 | Bike Life, Blog,
I guess you could say we’re fans of touring and touring bikes. Here’s James’ tourer and sometimes commuter. This custom beauty is courtesy of the folks at Comotion.
> 450

> 450

Posted on Apr 29th 2009 | Advocacy, Bike Life, Blog,
On Monday and Tuesday Planet Bike attended the 2009 Wisconsin Bike Summit here in Madison. The Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin, in partnership with Planet Bike, Trek, Saris and Cannondale Sports Group, organized the Summit. Over 450 people came from across the state to lobby our state legislature. To my knowledge, this […] read more...
Employee Bike Feature

Employee Bike Feature

Posted on Apr 27th 2009 | Bike Life, Blog,
Here at Planet Bike HQ you’ll find each employee possesses a certain level of bike-“geekness”. There’s 50-60 bikes among the 8 that work here. We don’t just sell the best darn bicycle accessories on the planet, we put them on test day in and day out. Get a load of our Shipping and Facilities Manager Chris’ Surly LHT. T […] read more...

Versatility at its Finest

Posted on Apr 21st 2009 | Blog,
Another recent addition to the Planet Bike line is the Versa Rack. We racked our brains and came up with a rear rack that fits 97% of all mountain, road, and hybrid bikes. Now I’m no statistician, but I’d say that’s a pretty solid percentage! Available in any color, as long as it’s black. Get the low down here. […] read more...

Bike Walk Madison goes live

Posted on Apr 17th 2009 | Advocacy, Blog, News,
Planet Bike’s hometown, Madison, WI, has a new grassroots advocacy group looking out for bicyclists. Bike Walk Madison had our launch party on Wednesday, April 15. About 65 people met at the stunning new Atwood, er I mean , Goodman Community Center off the Isthmus Bike Path. Many thanks to the Underground Food Collect […] read more...
The New Backpack

The New Backpack

Posted on Apr 15th 2009 | Blog, Product,
Cargo isn’t just for ships and eighteen-wheelers anymore. Yesterday we stocked up a large portion of our warehouse with the new Escape Pod. Works great for hauling a change of clothes, lunch, or your various prized possessions. The tight seal and keyed lock keep the riff raff out. […] read more...
Green Machine

Green Machine

Posted on Mar 17th 2009 | Better World, Bike Life, Blog,
Temperatures are hitting near 70 degrees today, and Planet Bike took full advantage with 100% of the staff using pedal power to arrive at work. We’ve been gearing up for the warm temperatures and outfitting the garage with space saving bike parking. A wall full of bikes, what a beautiful sight. […] read more...

Twist and Shout

Posted on Mar 12th 2009 | Bike Life, Blog,
Internet social networks seem to be all the rage these days. They’re hardly new but the masses continue to flock to them. Planet Bike is jumping on the cool kid train at Facebook and Twitter. So we’re not that lonely kid in the corner at the prom, come on world, dance with us! […] read more...